Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm so Lost!

Dear Jack,

It has been so long since I last gazed into your blue? brown? eyes (see how long it's been, I can't even remember...) I'm so Lost without you!

I imagine you are running through the sand dodging bullets right now, or maybe you are in the jungle spying on The Others. I wish I could be nervously watching you, but I am sitting here typing at my computer instead.

It's not because I've moved on, it's just that we don't have any kind of cable or satellite or even fuzzy local reception, so no TV.

Maybe I'll be able to catch up with you later.

Stay safe!

Love from
Your #1 Fan

PS - don't get killed or anything.

PPS - remember that day? That was a bad day. You've come so far. Don't ruin it!


I don't usually care about the whole no TV thing, but tonight I'm grouchy about it. Yesterday I realized my prediciment and called the cable company. Nathan may consider that to be treachery or mutiny, but they will be out next week to hook us up. (sorry nathan!)

Did I ever mention that our friend was in an episode of Lost?

My friend Mrs."Pantaloons" invited me over to watch Lost at her house, and I was planning on that, but imagine my grief when I realized that Hannah is babysitting tonight.

I think I'll go have a big bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream to drown my sorrows.

Then I'll see if I can catch up with Jack online. If that doesn't work I hope you tivo'd it for me...

update - Hannah did not get the part as the ugly step sister. apparently she was too cute! (just kidding, I made that up. She is really cute, though.) She will have a smaller part, though. I think it will be great for her to get to be in a play and get to know the people in charge...they'll be putting on The Sound of Music later in the year...


trying said...

wow no tv? at all? I'm in awe of you, and I understand why you called to get it hooked up. Our box broke while flyboy was TDY for a few months and I almost went nuts. Sad I know but its nice to have some distraction when the kiddies are in bed at night.

Congrats to Hannah for her part!

Mary said...

Wendy, you should be able to watch it online. EEK! It was really good! We usually end up downloading LOST the next day to watch it since or antenna doesn't always work. No cable works for us, but I imagine that with Nate gone, it would be totally nice to have that distraction at night like "Trying" said.

P.S. I Love Jack with a capital L.
P.P.S. Yeah Hannah!

wendy said...

Mary - last season I watched lost online religiously. But for some reason I haven't been able to watch it (or Grey's Anatomy) at for a while. I think it might be something with our computer security settings but nothing I've tried has helped. bummer!

Amanda said...

I hope you can get it all worked out! Jack was hot as usual last night. ;) Please have some mint chocolate chip ice cream for me. Or at least think about me while eating it. ;)

Yay for Hannah. What a great experience for her, and who knows what might happen the next time around! :)

Deanne said...

Sorry you missed Lost last night. We recorded it bc we were at bible study, so we stayed up late to watch it. I've since erased it....sorry, if I'd known I woulda shipped it off to you.....if I knew how to do that. Hope you are able to watch online!

Congrats to Hannah for her part in the musical! I hope she has tons of fun!

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Wendy, I'm sorry to have to inform you that I am in love with Jack and you can't have him. ::wink, wink::
He's yummy!

I missed Lost last night too! Can you believe I forgot it was even on until it was almost done?! I could've just died right then and there!

Now, all tonight I've been trying to watch it online but it wont load properly from I am not a happy girl :(

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

PS- His eyes are brown. Not that I'm obsessed or anything, just sayin'...

(my husband would be thoroughly ashamed of me right now, lol!)

the previously cable-deprived hannah said...


cable? CABLE?!?!?!

well, this is a day for miracles. definitely. i love you, mommy!

txmommy said...

poor Hannah, hopefully she'll enjoy her part!

wishing you a speedy tv recovery!

Annie said...

I did Tivo it for you! Come on over!

The season premier, true to Lost form, left me with more questions than answers. Like, who makes up the Oceanic 6?

No Cool Story said...

Sorry about no TV and no Lost.
I don't watch Lost... so I hope this makes you feel better.

Way to go Hannah. Even if it's a small part, she gets to be in it :) Yay!

Jrzy Army Wife said...

I love LOST.. Hurley shops in the mall, he walks by the store all the time. It took entirely too long to come back.. January was too long of a wait. I'm waiting for Jericho next.