Thursday, January 24, 2008


My husband has been in the military for just over 7 years, but I've just recently started to think of myself as a "military wife." I kind of thought of military wives as "them" not "me". But a few months ago I stumbled upon SpouseBUZZ and found this connection with military spouses all over the world going through the same things as me, and I've started to like calling myself an Air Force wife.

It has been fun and even a little comforting to read about others housing troubles, to hear about deployments and reunions, and to ponder the meaning of the word dependant. I'm happy knowing I'm not the only woman whose closet has been taken over by Camoflage R Us. And after our last move, I was a little less lonely knowing there were other girls out there feeling the same thing.

Speaking the same language as so many other military wives has made me feel a wierd sort of hoorah-hoorah sisterhood. And I've got 6 sisters of my own, so I know sisters when I see 'em.

Yesterday I got an email from ArmyWifeToddlerMom, aka Rachelle, at SpouseBUZZ mentioning that my blog is like up in lights at Spousebuzz as part of a who are the people in your neighborhood thang!

So, welcome to Hawaii ladies!

Thanks for stopping by!

Leave your slippah's by the door, and there's pineapple in the fridge, help yourself!

Tonight Rachelle will be interviewing me on Spousbuzz Talk Radio. I am pretty much famous. That will be on at around 8:00pm central time or 4:00pm here in Hawaii.

4:00pm is right in the middle of crazy time at our house. I'm going to have to hustle home from my new hula class to get here in time. I hope I don't sound like a dork! I have a cough and I think it might be bad form to hack during an interview. Yikes!

I'm not really sure how Spousebuzz Talk Radio works, but I think you can download the show if you miss it live...just a thought.

This is how I'm feeling:

Gosh, I love that picture. Hi Nathan! I miss you! This photo was taken at Volcano National Park on the Big Island back in November - we were down in a dark creepy lava tube.

I've been trying to find a photo of me to put up here that makes me looks good. I gotta do something to make up for that dentist shot, but I'm having a hard time finding one that fits the criteria:
a) doesn't make me look fat
b) I'm not making a dorky face
c) my eyes are open
d) there's nothing in my nose
e) my hair's not all kuh-razy

not possible.

This will have to do:

Haleiwa Trench Summer 2007

Talk to ya later!


orchard_girl said...

Woohoo 1st! Good luck on your interview, hope you don't get the McBride shakey voice. love the photo of you scuba diving. Hey, we need Nate's address so we can send him some valentine's, email it please

dutchgirl said...

It was awesome to see your name up in lights over there ;) Hope your interview goes well! If my kiddo goes to bed I just might be able to catch it!

Bon said...

Hiya Wendy and yep, I think you are right, it is the "hoorah hoorah sisterhood."

You'll do fine on Spousebuzz Talk Radio I'm sure. Just figure we're all dorks and all will be good!

Tracy said...

I found your blog in a very round about way and I just wanted to leave a comment to say 1. That picture of you and the turtle is amazingly beautiful and 2. Good luck on your radio interview! Oh and 3. I love the name of your blog!

Homefront Six said...

Hey lady!!! It was SO good to hear you on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio! I didn't know you were the one that was going to be on.

Drop me a note when you get a chance and maybe we can meet up and let the kids play. homefrontsix @

Mary said...

Wowee, you are famous sista! How fun! Is there any way to hear the interview now that it is probably over?

The turtle picture is really cool!

Tori :) said...

Oh how neat!!
I am so glad you've found a sisterhood of women who understand. Reading your blog puts things into perspective for me when I feel like whining because Sei has been working late.


Butterfly Wife said...

Wow! i just listened to you on SpouseBUZZ radio. Sooo nice to put an actual voice with a voice I read. You are awesome. :D

Jrzy Army Wife said...

That's soooo exciting. Congrats! I'm glad your in MY neighborhood. It's almost Aloha Friday!

Deanne said...

Wow, that's so cool Wendy! I'm with there a was to listen to the broadcast now that it's over??

Oh, and that pic of you and the turtle....very cool!

Ann M. said...

I missed the show :( I will have to listen to the archives this weekend...

Love the picture of you and the turtle.

muse said...

How exciting. I've been interviewed many times, living in Biblical Shiloh is "newsworthy" for some. Speak slowly and take breaks between words. Don't breathe through your mouth.

liberal army wife said...

well. darn. I didn't listen and I'm glad to "meet" a new member of the sisterhood. and sigh... I'd love to see Hawaii. told the DH I wouldn't mind a TDY out there! fat chance...