Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I'm tired.

My feet are sore.

I cut my nails too short.

I want a snack but there's no chocolate in the house.

I don't have anything to read.

Someone needs to vacuum.

And take out the garbage.

BUT the kids are in bed AND the internet is working again.


Me and Emily.

Isn't Emily a cutie?!?

I haven't posted Emily photos in a long time. Goal for tomorrow: emily on camera!

Also for tomorrow, Hannah goes back for a "callback" for one of the step sisters!

exciting stuff


Donna Boucher said...

Good Luck Hannah!!!
I adore that musical.
We use to sing it when we were little. Have you seen the version they did for television back in the 60's (before you were born)
It is with Leslie Ann Warren and Dr. Alan Quartermain (from General Hospital)
It is fabulous.

What a sweet picture of you and Emily!

nikko said...

Aw man, no chocolate and internet problems! That's a double whammy. ;o)

Emily is a cutie. I agree with you, we need to see more pictures of her.

Deanne said...

Ryan and I have a song we sing at bedtime....."It's the most wonderful time of the day" (variation on the Christmas song) :) I understand your elation over the kids being in bed. Sorry no chocolate to unwind with. Bummer!

How cool that Hannah has a call back! I hope she gets it!!!

Oh, and yes, Emily is a cutie....and we do need to see more pics of her! :)

Amanda said...

Good luck to Hannah! How exciting. I think it would be fun to be one of the stepsisters. :)

I hope you are able to find some chocolate today, eat some for me. ;)

Can't wait to see more pictures of EMily!!

Don't forget about Jack tonight! I have a date with my TV tonight and tomorrow night.

Steph said...

Congratulations on the callback Hannah! Good luck on your next audition!

Mary said...

Go Hannah! Good luck on the call back!

Sorry about being sore, tired and no chocolate.

Emily is a cutie. I'm excited for more pictures of that chica!

No Cool Story said...

Hannah!!! YAY!! Best of luck.
What a cute picture.

"I cut my nails too short" OH NO!!!! ouch! I'm dying, Don't do that again, ok?

JoyceMcB said...

Congratulations to Hannah! I can see her having so much fun in that role. Good luck in the call back.

If I lived close I'd bring you some chocolate. Love ya, mom

Tori :) said...

I absolutely adore that pic!!

Jrzy Army Wife said...

I wish your daughter good luck. Hope she gets it.

TripleE said...

Good luck on the call back Hannah! Wow!
and Wendy, I agree, Emily really is a cutie!

but no chocolate?! not even hidden in the back of the freezer?! necessities... necessities...

trying said...

What a great pic of the two of you! She's a beautiful little girl!

Hope Hannah's call back goes well! And congrats on your spotlight on spousebuzz : )