Saturday, May 23, 2009

All Hail the Queen

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii
Garlands of Flowers everywhere
All the colors in the rainbow
Maidens with blossoms in their hair.

Sydney and King Miles, wait to enter the May Day Celebration.

The King and Queen enter,

Parade around,

Bow to the people,

and sit to review all the performers.

The Royal Court performs Kawika

John is a little Myna Bird

Sassy Little Myna Bird!


Emily performs Pearly Shells

Shining in the Sun

My heart tells me that I love you, more than all the little pearly shells!

Each grade level performs a dance. Even the teachers dance! The ladies perform Milolii,

and the gentelmen perform Kuu Hoa.

Sydney performs the last hula of the day, Kawaipunahele.

Sydney - Noi Ka Oi

(Sydney's the Best!)

Sydney said she was so nervous her leg was twitching.

She is a lovely dancer!

All Hail the King and Queen of May Day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coming Soon -

Tomorrow is May Day Celebration at our elementary school. In Hawaii, May Day is a chance to celebrate Hawaiian culture and tradition. A Hawaiian King and Queen are crowned, Princesses and Princes from each island come to court, and each grade level presents a Hula.

I blogged about our first May Day in Hawaii two years ago - May Day 2007. We had been in Hawaii for just a few months. Sydney was in 3rd grade and Emily was in Kindergarten. John wasn't in school yet. The girls had just started hula classes. I remember being curious about the 5th graders in the May Day court and thinking how cute the Queen was in her white dress.

Fast forward to today, Sydney is in 5th grade now, Emily is in 2nd grade and John is in Kindergarten and they will all be performing in tomorrow's May Day Celebration! What makes it even more special is that Sydney is queen for May Day! Congratulations Sydney!

We found a lovely white dress (with a little train) and she has been practicing her hula. Tomorrow is her big day!

In case you want to study up on what May Day celebrations are all about, here are a couple of examples of other schools' May Day Programs:

Priory May Day Court

Ka Beauté o Nu`uanu

To Do for tomorrow -

buy leis


(This is not May Day. This is from earlier this spring. Sydney wants me to tell you that is NOT her shirt. Just before the performance Sydney realized she didn't have her white t-shirt. It was too late to run home for it. Luckily, I was wearing a white undershirt. Sydney didn't think it was lucky, but it was better than the striped pink shirt she had on...don't forget white dress tomorrow...)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

More ROC

365 bells? on each dress

Aztec Dance

Samoan Sasa


African Dance
Did I mention that Maybelline and Marcus are newlyweds?

Native American Hoop Dancing

I tried to google more about Hoop Dancing, but I didn't find much information, so I'm still wondering: How many hoops do they use? What are the different forms that they make? Is it a competition dance? How do you win? How old are you when you learn how to do that?

I am totally fascinated by this. How does that work?

Here's a close up of her hands and all those hoops.


The hoop-girls were amazing. Did I already say that? They really were. It's not like they were just standing there on stage braiding hoops together. They were hopping and dancing around the hoops the whole time and then - shazam! - another hoop hops up and - voila! - she is an Eagle.

It makes our hula-hooping-on-the-wave-board trick look a little shabby. oh well. I can't do that either...

I wonder if they do hoop dancing in South Dakota?

I still have more pictures from the ROC performance, but it's mostly a Maybelline-Show from here on out (she is just so darn cute, and she danced in most everything), so I'll post them if she wants me to.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ROC - Remembering Our Culture

Maybelline and Co



Fan Dance

Abraham vs. Jefferson

Bravo! Hana Ho!

Uwe - Sound Man and hoop dancer extraordinaire

John and Jefferson

Hannah and Muchachos

ROC at home

Last week we had the chance to host some kids from the performing group ROC - Remembering our Culture. ROC is made up of students attending school in the Provo area. They are from South America, Asia, Polynesia, and all over the US. The group encourages the students to get an education as well as learn a little more about their culture. We were totally blown away by their show where they performed songs and dances from around the world.

The biggest surprise of the week is that we knew one of the perfomers, Maybelline! Hi Maybelline! We met her when she was in High School back when we lived in Texas. And there she was last week, riding along in our car, asking if we had ever lived in Abeline, TX.... small world....

The show was great, but having the group stay in our home was even more fun. They kept us up late, got up early, and ate all the food in our house (only joking), but we loved it! They felt like family!

We have more pictures of the show to post later* - hoop dancing and the Aztec dance and more....

*hopefully sooner rather than later. sorry poor neglected blog-o.