Wednesday, February 02, 2011


We have been back in South Dakota for just over a year.

Last winter, when we first got here, I wore long john's under my jeans every day. I wore two or three pairs of socks. And I was still achy-cold in my bones.

This year, I find a fleece jacket can be worn almost all the time. This week with temperatures down below zero I have had to wear a real coat (and hat and mittens and scarf.) But just one pair of socks.

Yesterday the temperature stayed at around -3 degrees all day. It was really cold! This morning I headed out to take the kids to school and it felt warm. The temperature gage in my car said 12 degrees. It's funny how 12 degrees can feel nice! I am planning to go running outside a little later today...

I think I must be acclimated!