Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Before I Forget...

tap. tap. tap. is this thing on?

We hiked out to Kaena Point this weekend. Kaena Point is as far west as you can go on Oahu. It was hot and sunny and far. But it was fun. And we saw whales!

I carried the snacks and water, Nathan carried his newest Uke and the camera. I'll be posting up some photos from our hike this week. Did I mention we saw whales? and albatross?

My favorite photo of the hike, though is this:

Go ahead and click it and see it bigger. Isn't Hannah lovely? And the misty mountains and the white sand, and the ukulele on the beach. Ahhhh. I love Hawaii!

Did I tell you Hannah got her hair cut? It is a really cute little cut. At first I missed her long hair, but then a minute later, I remembered that I actually love short hair. Cute, Cute, Cute! I have to say that this is not the finest example of her hair-do (or hair-dude as John likes to say) but it is still a fun photo.

One day after track practice she told me that one of the older boys on the team (a senior, ooh la la) told her her hair looked really cute.

The next day she pointed out to me the boy who complimented her hair.

It turns out they have the exact same hair cut!

Longish hair on boys seems to be the thing around here lately.

It looks cuter on Hannah!


before I forget, here's some running log updates:

last week of January, I ran a grand total of 6 miles.

January running total: 51.5 miles

Today's run: 3 miles

This week: 6.5 miles

This month:19.5 miles

This year: 71 miles

not bad!