Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's Your Birthday

1 year older

Gumball Machine

Make a Wish

Blowing Bubbles

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Conquering Goliath

"There are Goliaths all around us, hulking giants with evil intent to destroy. But you need not fear if you have the slingshot of truth in your hands. When they challenge you, you can hit them “between the eyes,” “Thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield: but I come to thee in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied.”

"Victory will be yours. You are a child of God. You have His power within you to sustain you. You have the right to call upon God to protect you. Do not let Goliath frighten you. Stand your ground and hold your place, and you will be triumphant." (President Hinckely from Jan 2002 Ensign)

We are talking about the Armor of God tomorrow in Primary, and I am helping a class with a class presentation. We will be acting out the story of David and Goliath. I'm hoping that our really tall Sunbeam teacher won't mind playing the part of Goliath. This is really last minute planning for me (as in I just found out that I needed to do this lesson earlier today,) but I have really enjoyed reading the story of David and Goliath, making my little props and getting this all together.

(July 2002 Friend)
Isn't this a cute illustration of the story? When you cut it out and use brads to put it all together, David slings his arm, the stone flies through the air and Goliath falls down. I wish I had time to go have color copies made for all the children to take home, but a simple coloring page will have to do. I printed it out for my files and we will use it for FHE and maybe in a Primary talk sometime.

Friday, February 17, 2006

A view from the front door

Donna said: "Why not post a picture of what is out your front door?"

warm noses


Cold Day

Brrrrr. It is supposed to stay below 0 F all day today. It is -9 degrees F right now. We bundled up to go outside, but I had to take off my mittens to take the pictures, and my fingers started to feel like they were burning. After we took pictures we walked over to the sledding hill and we went down just one time before heading back in. It is just too cold. My fingers are still a little sore.

My Religion is Making Me Fat

Mormons on average weigh 4.6 pounds more than other Utahns, a study by a Brigham Young University professor concluded.

"For years, the church has focused on the don'ts — don't smoke, don't drink, and all the other things that you shouldn't do that are heavily enforced. There has been little emphasis on the do's — eat good foods and exercise."

During the Joseph Smith broadcast in December, President Hinckely was talking about the growth of the Relief Society Program and that it is now the largest women's organization in the world. As he was talking, the camera was panning through the audience and choir and focusing on women. Nathan got the giggles because most of the women were rather large. Maybe it's time to stop growing!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Kiss Your Soldier

No Kissing Please

A big scandal broke last week in Indonesia when a soldier departing from Ache under the new peace accord publicly kissed his girlfriend goodbye and was snapped by the media who came to cover the troop withdrawals. Public kissing, a dangerous act in Ache where there is now Sharia law and could theoretically end in the public stoning of the soldier and the girl. KHO News

Happy Valentine's Day!

Will you be mine?

Monday, February 13, 2006


Our topic for Family Home Evening tonight was Love at Home. We talked about Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness and how He planned for each of us to come to a family. Then we played spin the bottle! I cut out some hearts and wrote an idea on each heart.

Directions for the game:
Sit in a circle
Spin the bottle
Who ever the bottle points to choses a heart
And follows the intructions on the heart.

The instructions on our heart cards:
Give the person to your left a foot rub
Say something you love about daddy
Give Emily and Eskimo kiss
Smile at Sydney
Give the person to your right a kiss and a hug
Think of a service you can do for someone after FHE
Wink at Hannah
Say something nice about the people next to you
Give John a butterfly kiss.

The funniest part of the night was when John was supposed to give Hannah a wink - he was so cute blinking his two eyes at her. Sydney giving Hannah's stinky feet a foot rub was funny, too.

As we were finishing up, we heard a "ding-dong" and found a Heart Attack on our door. Someone taped hearts all over our door and left us a plate of goodies. Fun Family Home Evening!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Off to work

World Wide Training

Yesterday I got to attend a broadcast of the LDS World Wide Leadership Training from SLC. When I talked to Nathan yesterday, friends of his had attended in Guam, and Mary mentioned attending in Maryland (how funny is it that Mary lives in Maryland) - so it really is world wide!

I enjoyed the thoughts about keeping your calling in balance with your family. This is something that Nathan and I have discussed a lot. This fall things were a little stressful with his Scoutmastering (3 wednesday evenings at the church, monthly camping, monthly training, committee meetings, and extra service projects for the holidays) and my Primary Calling (2 hours each Sunday, early meetings once a month, early Sunday phone calls for subs, Presidency meetings every other week, Primary Program, planning stuff, quarterly activities, quarterly training, stake training, etc) Some weeks it seemed like we had church stuff everyday.

I don't really know how to keep things in balance for our family, but with Nathan gone I have been able to see just how much I have used his evening babysitting duties. In the last month I have said no to so many little evening meetings and parties because I really just need to be home at night. (Though Hannah has been great about tending, too) So I think that's what I'll continue to work on: NO! I need to be home with my family - I cannot... come to a squadron girls night out... come to a pampered taste party... go bowling... babysit. But I can read to Emily and make cookies and build train tracks and help with math homework and learn all about cow eyeballs.....

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Slow Joggers' Club

We have had unusually mild weather lately, and I have been able to go jogging almost every day. I haven't done much jogging since about October, so in early January I was mostly walking. Just last week I was able to jog (slowly) my entire route. Yea for me!

Harley and Sam

I take Sam (the dog) and Harley (the ***borrowed dog) jogging with me. We stick to back roads since we take up the half the street. Sam is a good jogging partner and stays just to my left. He stops when I stop and follows when I turn right. When I give the left hand turn sign, he turns left and does not trip me up. What a great dog. Harley runs right next to Sam, on his right side, about a head behind him. Sam's doing a good job keeping her in line. Luckily when Sam was a puppy he chewed on his leash and I had to cut it and sew it shorter. So I have one regular leash for Sam, and one about a foot shorter for Harley. Perfect for jogging with two dogs!

When I first started taking Harley, she would get all crazy whenever we passed a storm drain. Every block or so there is a drain-hole opening next to the sidewalk, and each time we passed one, Harley would stop running and try to get behind me. That would tangle up the leashes, trip me, and make me mad. I have been working with her, and as long as I remember to grab onto her leash and give a little tug as we near a drain-hole, she is fine.

***I can't remember if I have mentioned that we are pet sitting a dog. A friend of Nathan's needed somewhere for his dog to go during the deployment, so Nathan volunteered Sydney's pet sitting services. It reminds me of an episode of "The King of the Hill" - a grown up cartoon on Fox. A friend of the main character was taking care of a soldier's dog while the soldier was deployed. The dog was a beautiful, well trained golden retriever. The main character decided that taking care of an animal for a soldier would be the patriotic thing to do, so he signed up to do the same, but ended up with a wild and crazy cat. It was a funny show and I think of it when ever I pull out the vacuum. Harley (the borrowed dog) is a cute, long haired, black mutt. She is a little smaller than Sam, but she has more hair. There is no end to the dog hair in our house.

Sam and John are buddies

Monday, February 06, 2006

Howdy Howdy

Last week was the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo. This was the big happening here in Rapid City all week. Ranchers from all over came to buy cattle and watch the rodeo. We saw more cowboys here than we did in Texas.

Sydney's class went to the Stock Show for a field trip and the children were encouraged to dress up. Doesn't Syd look cute in her boots and hat?

Thanks Folks

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

37 Years!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Mom and Dad have been married 3 times (and a little more) as long as Nathan and me. They have been a great example to us. So here are some things that I have noticed about my parents and their marriage:

Mom and Dad love each other.

They like to hold hands.

They don't fight - I remember telling a friend that I have like 1 memory of my parents arguing. She was shocked and said that she remembered only like 1 day that her parents weren't fighting.

They are kind to each other and go out of their way to help each other.

Dad likes to give Mom gifts. We were able to go home for Christmas for the first time when we had been married about 4 years. I remember being up late with Nathan on Christmas Eve just looking at the lights, when Dad snuck into the room and started putting little extra gifts under the tree and in Mom's stocking. It meant a lot to me that he was so thoughful to Mom.

They have fun together - do you remember sledding down 7th street late at night?

They work together - Almond orchard. Asian Branch. Hood River house. Berry Patch. I think they like to have a project. And it is always cute to see them out early in their berries working together.

They don't insult each other. I cannot even imagine hearing my mom or dad say anything mean about the other.

They like to go out on dates. Even when all 7 of us were little and I'm sure it was difficult to find a babysitter, I remember them getting dressed up and going out. Even going away for a weekend occasionally. I think I got to be the babysitter when I got older (sorry Sarah - do you remember the peppermint oil incident.)

What a blessing it is to have parents who love each other. Thank you Mom and Dad!

Cake for Mom and Dad


I really wanted to include a picture of mom and dad with this, but writing this made me realize that I have no pictures of Mom and Dad together. Not even at my wedding. What is wrong with me? So, next time we make it out to visit them I am going to go through pictures and make some copies. Any of you other ladies want some copies?