Wednesday, February 01, 2006

37 Years!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Mom and Dad have been married 3 times (and a little more) as long as Nathan and me. They have been a great example to us. So here are some things that I have noticed about my parents and their marriage:

Mom and Dad love each other.

They like to hold hands.

They don't fight - I remember telling a friend that I have like 1 memory of my parents arguing. She was shocked and said that she remembered only like 1 day that her parents weren't fighting.

They are kind to each other and go out of their way to help each other.

Dad likes to give Mom gifts. We were able to go home for Christmas for the first time when we had been married about 4 years. I remember being up late with Nathan on Christmas Eve just looking at the lights, when Dad snuck into the room and started putting little extra gifts under the tree and in Mom's stocking. It meant a lot to me that he was so thoughful to Mom.

They have fun together - do you remember sledding down 7th street late at night?

They work together - Almond orchard. Asian Branch. Hood River house. Berry Patch. I think they like to have a project. And it is always cute to see them out early in their berries working together.

They don't insult each other. I cannot even imagine hearing my mom or dad say anything mean about the other.

They like to go out on dates. Even when all 7 of us were little and I'm sure it was difficult to find a babysitter, I remember them getting dressed up and going out. Even going away for a weekend occasionally. I think I got to be the babysitter when I got older (sorry Sarah - do you remember the peppermint oil incident.)

What a blessing it is to have parents who love each other. Thank you Mom and Dad!

Cake for Mom and Dad


I really wanted to include a picture of mom and dad with this, but writing this made me realize that I have no pictures of Mom and Dad together. Not even at my wedding. What is wrong with me? So, next time we make it out to visit them I am going to go through pictures and make some copies. Any of you other ladies want some copies?


Donna Boucher said...

I can not believe you don't have a picture of your parents together....that is soooo strange....
Get on it girl!

I'm so happy to hear your parents have been such a wonderful example of marriage for you. It is a rare thing I am afraid!

God is so blessed by long healthy marriages, don't you think?

Mary said...

What a cute post! Mom and Dad are great. I hope mom made the cake this year. That's a smell I always connect with either their anniversary or Valentine's day.

Joyce McB said...

This is the nicest tribute to us Wendy. Thank you so much - you make me cry. Love, Mom
P.S. It's been 37 years - but who's counting?

wendy said...

Whoops, sorry mom! 37 years it is!

Anonymous said...

Wowsa, mom and Dad are amazing. I remember there had been some scuffle between dad and a sister, and mom did a shakey yell voice at dad, then the next day she apologised and said, "I am sorry I yelled at your dad, he is a good man, and I should not have treated him that way." so loving

texasblu said...

Impressive! We could all learn from them! :)