Friday, February 17, 2006

My Religion is Making Me Fat

Mormons on average weigh 4.6 pounds more than other Utahns, a study by a Brigham Young University professor concluded.

"For years, the church has focused on the don'ts — don't smoke, don't drink, and all the other things that you shouldn't do that are heavily enforced. There has been little emphasis on the do's — eat good foods and exercise."

During the Joseph Smith broadcast in December, President Hinckely was talking about the growth of the Relief Society Program and that it is now the largest women's organization in the world. As he was talking, the camera was panning through the audience and choir and focusing on women. Nathan got the giggles because most of the women were rather large. Maybe it's time to stop growing!


Sandy said...

Too funny. Sorry, but a Mormon homeschool friend of mine is so thin I posted about her on my weight loss blog. Here's the link.

She and her family obviously don't know that Mormons are supposed to be fatter than the rest of us.;-D

I came to your blog from your comment on my picture for Donna. You have a great blog and I love your photos. Sorry it's so cold where you are today. We are supposed to go to single digits tomorrow for only the second time this winter!



texasblu said...

LOL! I don't think they told the ladies in Idaho either... they're all so thin!

Mary said...

I hope that doesn't count for mormon women in Maryland!! Maybe they included pregnant women or ones who recently had babies because it is hard work!