Saturday, January 30, 2010

Library Blogging

I'm back at the library and have a minute online, just enough time for a quick blog.

I forgot how fun it is to post up a blog and get comments from friends.

Hi guys! How are you? Thanks for all the friendly comments!

I wish I had some pictures to share, but we won't have the computer for a couple more weeks.

The kids all started school on Tuesday. It was the start of the second semester here in South Dakota. In Hawaii the kids started school at the end of July, so they were able to finish the first semester before Christmas. In moving here, I knew we had a few weeks before we HAD to be in school, so we took advantage of my parents' hospitality and stayed there as long as we possibly could, arriving here in Rapid City just in time to register for the Spring Semester.

Second Semester started Tuesday. And so did the kids. 4 kids. 3 different schools. All really close to each other. The high school and the elementary school are within walking distance of our new home, though the middle school is a little bit farther. Not that we are walking, it's too cold and we aren't actually in our new house yet.

In Hawaii the little kids were in a huge school of about 900 students with kids coming and going all the time. Several a week. My good friend Kelley works at the school welcoming families and helping with the transitioning kids every single day of the school year. The school that Emily and John are now enrolled in has less than 200 students, and new kids are a BIG deal.

Our first morning there, I walked John over to where his class lines up and the kids all started pointing and giggling "there's the new boy!" "what's his name?" "John! his name is John..." John got shy, so we left and walked Emily to class first, where some helpful girls asked "are you Emily? Come line up over here!" They are both really loving their new teachers and classes. They have lunch and recess at the same time, and sometimes they even play together on the swings.

SWINGS! Did you know that swings are illegal in Hawaii? City parks are not allowed to have swings. No beach in SD, but we do have Swings!

On the second day of school, Hannah's band teacher asked her if she had a brother in first grade. He told her that his son is in John's class. Then a girl in band said, "I'm assuming you also have a sister in 3rd grade... my little sister is in her class..." Small town!

Sydney is doing great, too, though her schedule keeps changing. Next week will be easier.

With everyone back in school, I suddenly have lots of time. What to do?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Aloha from South Dakota!

Time for an Update!

What a wild winter.

Remember when I thought we were staying in Hawaii until the Spring? I wonder why I thought that was a bad thing? Brrr! It is cold here at 44 degrees North Latitude. Here's my to do lists for the last couple of months.

Nathan suddenly got orders to go to training in Texas and left the kids and I to finish up the semester and pack up our household goods and leave paradise. Just in time for Christmas.

Pack household goods... Check!
Check out of housing... Check!
Say Aloha 'Oe to good friends. Check! (and boo hooo)
Go watch giant waves... Check!
Pack 8 bags and 6 backpacks... Check!
Send the Suburban off across the ocean.. check!
Go to the beach one last time... Check!
Catch a taxi and fill it with 8 bags, 6 backpacks, and 5 people... check!
Check in 11 pieces of baggage... Check!
Ask a stranger to switch seats so he didn't have to sit between Emily and John... Check!
Fly across the Pacific Ocean... Check!
Rent a car in LA and drive to Modesto... Check!
Visit California Cousins... Check!
Brrr. California was cold at 44 degrees F.
Buy coats and socks... Check!
Drive to Utah through the snow... Check!
Kiss Nathan under the mistletoe... Check!
Share Cocoa with cousins and sisters and uncles and grandma and grandpa... check!
Go sledding! check!
Go to South Dakota and find a house... Check!

Send Nathan back to Texas to hurry up and finish your training already.. check!
Say goodbye to cousins and aunties and uncles... check!
(John said - it seems like I have lots of moms!)
Go Ice Skating! Check!
Hang out with Grammy and Grampy a couple more weeks... Check!
Welcome a new baby cousin! check!
Drive over to Denver to meet Nathan and switch cars... check!
Have an adventure along the way... uh oh... check...
Drive up to South Dakota! Check!
Brrrr! Check!
Start school... Check!

coming soon...

Stay warm
Close on new house
Scrape popcorn ceiling
Welcome home Nathan
and.....more adventures ...