Friday, January 29, 2010

Aloha from South Dakota!

Time for an Update!

What a wild winter.

Remember when I thought we were staying in Hawaii until the Spring? I wonder why I thought that was a bad thing? Brrr! It is cold here at 44 degrees North Latitude. Here's my to do lists for the last couple of months.

Nathan suddenly got orders to go to training in Texas and left the kids and I to finish up the semester and pack up our household goods and leave paradise. Just in time for Christmas.

Pack household goods... Check!
Check out of housing... Check!
Say Aloha 'Oe to good friends. Check! (and boo hooo)
Go watch giant waves... Check!
Pack 8 bags and 6 backpacks... Check!
Send the Suburban off across the ocean.. check!
Go to the beach one last time... Check!
Catch a taxi and fill it with 8 bags, 6 backpacks, and 5 people... check!
Check in 11 pieces of baggage... Check!
Ask a stranger to switch seats so he didn't have to sit between Emily and John... Check!
Fly across the Pacific Ocean... Check!
Rent a car in LA and drive to Modesto... Check!
Visit California Cousins... Check!
Brrr. California was cold at 44 degrees F.
Buy coats and socks... Check!
Drive to Utah through the snow... Check!
Kiss Nathan under the mistletoe... Check!
Share Cocoa with cousins and sisters and uncles and grandma and grandpa... check!
Go sledding! check!
Go to South Dakota and find a house... Check!

Send Nathan back to Texas to hurry up and finish your training already.. check!
Say goodbye to cousins and aunties and uncles... check!
(John said - it seems like I have lots of moms!)
Go Ice Skating! Check!
Hang out with Grammy and Grampy a couple more weeks... Check!
Welcome a new baby cousin! check!
Drive over to Denver to meet Nathan and switch cars... check!
Have an adventure along the way... uh oh... check...
Drive up to South Dakota! Check!
Brrrr! Check!
Start school... Check!

coming soon...

Stay warm
Close on new house
Scrape popcorn ceiling
Welcome home Nathan
and.....more adventures ...


Donna Boucher said...

Oh my goodness. You are so busy and brave.
I'm afraid I almost teared up as you said goodbye to Hawaii. Being welcomed and with your family must have been a lovely warm balm to ease that pain.

I remember when you had a contest to name your blog when you left for Hawaii.

Welcome home. I hope you like your house and the kids like their new school.

Thank you for sharing your life!
You are a long time friend and I care about you :o)

Amy Tree said...

so sad you are back in SD and we aren't! I will have to visit next time I drive through there since I didn't make it to Hawaii =)

brandi said...

Wendy~ I am glad you got "somewhat" settled..we miss you guys like crazy=-(( I would love to hear about all your adventures!! Please let us know your new address, and I am excited for you guys that you got a house, and hopefully it closes escrow quickly=-)

tootie said...

I'm sure that's definitely a change of pace! Hope you are settling in ok!!

Deanne said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your new house! I'm curious, too, about your house buying experience went.

nikko said...

What a whirlwind winter you've had. Good luck with all the house stuff. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures.

Mary said...

Yay! Wendy's back! I'm glad you made it to SD okay after your big trip!