Tuesday, November 17, 2009


These two dudes had a great time together.

Dad always jumped into the way back seat in the 'burb to sit next to John.

I'd hear Grampie in the back saying, "Have you ever had a horse bite?"

Never heard that one before... Ha ha ha!


Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

that is too cute! What a good grampy.
p.s. I feel bad for John getting so many horse bites :)

Mary said...

Dad is so sweet.

Steph said...

I loved this post Wendy. Simple and sweet. Your dad is great, and John is so cute!

Mom, er grammy said...

This was the best trip ever! We really enjoyed Oahu but the best part of the trip with being with you guys!

xmas gifts said...

That is lovely pair of photography. I love this. It looks like both of you enjoyed a lot in this trip.

Lemon Stand said...

This must have been WAY better than that virtual vacation we took to Fiji so long ago! I have SOOOO missed your blog!

Donna Boucher said...

Dear Wendy,

I pray all is well with you.


Flash Jorgensen said...

Horse bite...ahhhahahah!!!! Good ol' Wayne McBride! I love your blog and it's so fun to read! Good luck in your new area! Hawaii to South Dakota, what a change. Can't wait to read about the adventure! Good luck!