Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Concert in the Park

emily - 2003

Last night we took a blanket and some sweatshirts and headed to the park to see Montgomery Gentry (country) and Bowling for Soup (alternative rock) perform live. For free!

All week we've noticed big things being set up at the field across from the commisary - trailers and speakers and a tower and lights and a big huge stage. It was kind of exciting.

han, syd, em, and baby john - 2003

It wasn't as crowded and crazy as I had imagined. We had room to spread out our stuff and room to dance. And we danced!
Lucky for me, before we moved to Hawaii we lived in Texas and South Dakota where country music is all over the radio, so I knew some of the songs. Did I mention that this was my first ever actual concert? (but not my last. next up Jack Johnson)

lil' cowpoke - 2003

I did not bring Nathan's big fancy camera, as I was worried that it would be too much for me to keep it safe and keep the kids safe at the same time. So no photos.

Sorry about that. But in honor of Mr. Montgomery and Mr. Gentry I found some cowgirl photos to entertain you with from our brief stint in Tejas! (Abilene, TX, 2003)

cowgirl sydney - 2003


Monday, February 18, 2008

Great Aloha Run

Sydney and I woke up at 4am this morning for the Great Aloha Run.

Here we are in Honolulu waiting for the sun to come up and the race to start!

The 8.15 mile run started at the Aloha Tower, wound under the Nimitz Highway, and over to the Aloha Stadium.

Here we are running under the Nimitz Highway, just after the first water station. I keepin' it real with this picture of me with water spilled on my boob. It is harder than it looks to run and drink at the same time...

Sydney is an excellent runner, but 8 miles is really far. I set my watch alarm to beep every 3 minutes. We ran 3 mintues, than walked 3 mintues. It took us 38 three minute cycles to finish the race. If you do a little math you can find that we finished the race in 114 minutes or 1 hour 54 minutes. About 14 minute miles.

Sydney is an excellent running buddy. She had a great attitude through the whole race!

I am a loser and totally forgot to take a picture of Sydney sprinting ahead of me into the stadium, or even one of her after we crossed the finish line. I'll blame it on heat exhaustion... I got my act together after I had some water and a banana. Good job Syd!

Here is Sydney with her buddy Olivia who ran the race, too!

And here we are, in the stadium parking lot. We finished!

Now I can cross Run the Aloha Run off my New Years Resolution list. That was the first real race I've been a part of and I can't wait for the next one... I would like to see how I do actually running!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Heart Nate

Well if you feel like loving me
If you got the notion
I second that emotion

So if you feel like giving me
A lifetime of devotion
I second that emotion


No Kissing Please

A big scandal broke last week in Indonesia when a soldier departing from Ache publicly kissed his girlfriend goodbye. Public kissing: dangerous and illegal, so be careful! KHO News

Happy Valentine's Day!

Will you be mine?

(repost from Valentine's 2006 just because I love all the kissing pictures)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Blog From the Black Lagoon

Our librarians go all out at book fair time. As part of the fun Mike Thayer, author of The Teacher from the Black Lagoon, came to our school on Monday!

Sydney and her friend Olivia, as members of the school "greeter's club", were invited to greet Mr. Thayer when he first arrived.

Sydney made a ribbon lei for him. She was a little nervous about giving him the lei (I'm NOT going to give him a kiss or anything, mom...a little cheek kiss is traditional with the giving of a lei, but that's okay, I don't think Mr Thayer was her type.)

He stayed all day at the school, reading to the children, telling knock-knock jokes and signing books. It was a real treat to meet him, and I know the kids enjoyed the fun day!

Just a little note to all you crazed children's book author fans: say you are really excited to meet the author, and say you bring a stack of pictures of yourself with the author, and say you also buy multiple copies of EACH of the authors books, it is only polite to let the children who have just finished a long day at school and may possibly really need to go potty and have just one cheap little paperback copy of the authors book, to go before you.

Holding up the line for over 15 minutes is a little much, k? If you're not sure if you're taking too much time just listen for the "how much longer is this going to take, mom?" and "are we ever going to go home, mom?" comments coming from the little people in line behind you.

Happy Reading!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Need a Little Cheering Up?

I'll admit it, I was having a no good, really bad day. Until I saw this picture:

Sydney - 4 years old

That made me smile.

Next, I ate some no bake cookies.

That made me feel a little better.

Then I got this fantastic award from Tori:

which totally made my day!

I'd like to give the You Make My Day Award to my friend Deanne at Fragile Flower. Yesterday we received a surprise package from Deanne. It was full of chocolate kisses and fun Valentine's socks for each of us! Emily was amazed that Deanne was able to guess each of our sock sizes correctly. We had an impromptu crazy-sock-day and we're planning to wear them again on Thursday. That really made my day! Thanks, Deanne!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Happy New Year and Good Luck in the year of the Rat!

Charming, social, and quick witted, rats are happy and popular people. Rats are always on the go and find safety in numbers. Rats are detail oriented, hard working, and overambitious. They are able to accumulate wealth easily - and do not part with money as easily. You will make a good architect, salesperson, or campaign manager.

What is your Chinese Zodiak Animal?

I am a Dragon. The dragon is one of the most showy characters of the zodiac chart, you are imaginative, lucky, full of fun, and energetic. Dragons are the doers of the world. You don't sit around waiting for things to happen, you make things happen. You demand perfection from yourself and from others. You will make a good talk-show host, artist or diplomat.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

No Time to Blog -

There's too much to watch...

ps - What's your favorite show?

pps - And what are your family rules for TV viewing?

Monday, February 04, 2008

Emily's Tooth

This Tooth

I jiggled it

jaggled it

jerked it.

I pushed

and pulled

and poked it.

But --

As soon as I stopped,

and left it alone

this tooth came out

on its very own!

Emily has been waiting for-e-ver for her first loose tooth. It seemed like she was the last one in her class to lose a tooth, but it finally happened. Her tooth started to wiggle and shift around this weekend, and if Nathan had been here I'm sure he would have pulled it, but I don't like to see loose teeth let alone touch loose teeth, so I just took pictures (for Nathan and you!) and it fell out at school today!

How exciting!

I just hope our delinquent tooth fairy remembers to do her job tonight...

Sunday, February 03, 2008

For Me?

Dear Wendy,
When going to the beach, please leave your tankini at home. Body surfing + two piece swimsuit = danger. Your wobbly belly is private and should stay that way.

Blinded at the Beach

ps - I've heard tan fat is better than white. Just a thought!

Dear Blinded -
You should be happy I was wearing Board shorts.


Dear Wendy,
My neighbor smokes out on their lanai. Their lanai is connect to my lanai. The smoke fills my house and burns my eyes. It makes my room smell like a cheap hotel. Is there anything I can do?

2nd Hand Smoker

Dear 2nd Hand,
2nd Hand Smoke kills, don't ya know. Here are just a few ideas for dealing with your rude neighbor - cough really loudly out your window at the first wiff of smoke; start leaving smoking cessession pamplets on their windshield and door knob; buy 3 more window air conditioners and bolt your windows closed; or hope they move soon....

Your friend,

ps - please let me know if you find something that actually works. cough, cough!

Dear Wendy,
Just a little tip - do not sing along to your ipod when running. You look ridiculous, and you do NOT sound good!

Your Friend,

Dear Simon,

Is it too late to try out for American Idol?

True Love Always,

Dear Wendy,
You are 6 months over due for your annual girly exam. Please make an appointment at your earliest convenience. But don't call this week because there are no more appointments available. You might want to try calling next friday as the women's health clinic releases dates one Friday a month, but I can't tell you which friday, and if you do guess the right friday and call after 8am, chances are you still won't get an appointment. Good Luck!

See you soon!
Your PCM

Dear PCM,



Dear Wendy,
Do you really think 3 chocolate chip cookies hot from the oven is a wise snack at 11:30pm?


Dear Hips,