Thursday, January 03, 2008

Re - solve: firmness of purpose or intent; determination

I love To Do lists, and New Years (as well as the beginning of a deployment) is a fun time to make a great big list of things that I hope to do, but maybe don't actually really and truly do.

This year I want to:

Spend less $
Save more $$$
Pay off the big red 'burb
Stay home more
Read good books
Take a class (yoga? violin? real skool?)
Learn to surf for reals

Plan and Survive (and hopefully even enjoy) Girls Camp
Run 5x a week

Do the Great Aloha Run
Hang curtains and pictures in my bedroom
Look Hawt when Nathan gets home in September

That's all.


Amanda said...

I haven't been around for a few days. My you've been busy! Stealing candy, sending off your husband, making resolutions....

That really stinks that they had them deploy the day before Christmas, who is the scrooge? I was crying thinking of you doing christmas eve and santa all by yourself. You are one tough elf Wendy!!!

You and your family remain in our prayers!

No Cool Story said...

Good list.
The last one is good and effortlessly achievable.

trying said...

Excellent list. Man you make me feel like a slacker... : )

Mary said...

That's all! haha Great list!

Army Wife said...

this looks attainable and is a refreshing list to see.

Good luck!

And note your DH already thinks you are HAWT