Friday, January 11, 2008

Random Bits

  • I usually have trouble sleeping when Nathan is gone and this time is no different. I've been able to GO to sleep but not STAY asleep. That is no fun. And when I wake up in the middle of the night I have a hard time going back to sleep. Any suggestions?

  • Yesterday I saw two girls (actually one teenager and one mom-type) wearing sweat pants with PINK printed on the rear. Why? Not cute.

  • Did you notice that they were wearing sweats? It is 61* here according to my weather pixie. Brrrrr! I am wearing socks and a long sleeve shirt - it is freezing!

  • I haven't heard from Nathan since just before things got interesting over in Iraq. Which I'm sure just means he's had a busy week. But I worry.

  • School starts on Monday (for Han, Tuesday for Syd and Em.)It's been a nice lazy winter break, but I'm ready for a little more routine. Maybe having to get up early will help me sleep better at night.

  • I haven't forgotten about my New Years goals - after I get this posted I'll head out for my run, which makes 5 for this week. And I just started a hula class, I think it will be fun and (hopefully) not too embarrassing.

  • That's all.


Mary said...

Good job jogging 5 times this week! I hope Nate-o calls soon. Tell that guy hi for us!

Oh, and PINK on the bum? Why? I am a firm believer that rears of any kind of pants should remain word-free.

Deanne said...

Sleeping tips?....well, when Ryan is gone or when my mind won't shut off, I pray. Do you recall the verse in Philippians (4:6, I believe)? It talks about being anxious for nothing and praying, with thanks, about all things. I brought that verse to mind one night recently and it helped ease my mind and be at peace.

'Pink' or any other word on the bum is inappropriate. That's what I think!

Our schools started this week, and I was so glad to get back into the routine. Break was nice, but it's good to go back too. :)

Still praying for you, your family and Nathan. Hang in there!

txmommy said...

is he a pilot? I forget if you've said.

When DH is gone I can't sleep either. I usually leave the TV on, and we have a big dog. Sorry. Hope the time goes fast!

orchard_girl said...

Hey Wendy. Sorry you're not sleeping well. Hope Nathan calls soon. Love you
I've always wanted PINK printed on my backside.

Amanda said...

Sorry you are not sleeping well. I think I would have a hard time with that too. Not hearing from Nathan probably makes it hard too. I like Deanne's advice to pray. Hang in there, we continue to pray for you and your family too.

Yay for working on your new year's goals! You are amazing! :)

Our new bishop is Brother Miller, he is married to one of Sister Rose's daughters (they are the parents of Sister Emory and Sister Garner). I don't remember if they moved in before you left or not.

wendy said...

Amanda - i was wondering! I remember hearing that they were probably going to move there. and I did know sister Emory and Sis Garner - cool family!

Hi Heather - hannah and I were thinking stink might be better! (not for you necessarily)

txmommy - he's not flying on this assignment. But the B1 is his "home" plane.

Deanne - great scripture!

Mary - did you do anything fun for Randy's bday?

No Cool Story said...

Deanne's comments always make me happy :)
Bum words are just not right at any age.
Way to go on hula class and keeping up with your NY's goals.
Hope Nathan calls soon :)

Lemon Stand said...

Can't help you about the sleep issue as I have insomnia, but as for the rest?

I don't care for words on rear of shorts or sweats.

61 degrees would be HEAVEN here! At the moment we are having a heat wave with temps in the 40s.

I know what you mean about worrying when you don't hear from hubby. My husband assures me that the guys on the other end worry about what is going on at home when they can't get in touch.

School started on 2 Jan here. HOORAY! :o)

As for your goals! Congratulations!!! (I'm still 'developing' my goals for the year. Can we say procrastination? :oP

nikko said...

Brr! That is cold. Isn't amazing how quickly we acclimate to new places?

Hope that all is well with Nathan and you hear from him soon.

Steph said...

Hi Wendy,
Will you still read this even though you have a new post? Hmmmm. :)

I am a terrible sleeper sans husband also. The last time he was gone I had BOTH of my kids sleep in my bed and locked my bedroom door. I think that would be too crowded for you.

I have seen two even worse bum words. One said "Juicy" (I think that is a brand name) and the other said a very bad word beginning with "B." I'm glad my son can't read yet!
I hope you start sleeping better.

trying said...

yipes 61? Do you have the parkas and mittens out?! : ) If it makes you feel better its a balmy 30 here. Sorry your having problems sleeping, I have the same thing, I can get to sleep but the I wake up. Its not the best advice but I sometimes turn the tv on, shut off my brain and then just fall asleep to it. Sometimes the sound helps. Hope you get some good zzzzzz's soon!

Jrzy Army Wife said...

I was driving the other day with the window open and thought wow its cold and I look at the temp it said 60 degrees. I thought to myself I have no right to be cold when my parents have snow. We have totally climatized!LOL. Thanx,You can totally add me to your sidebar.. if I can figure out how to one..can I add you too?

Shari said...

A hula class sounds like a lot of fun. In my freshman year of high school, we had a few weeks of hula dance for PE. That was the only part of PE that I ever liked. About it being 61*, well it's 12* here. And that is warm for the middle of January. I enjoy the way that you write your posts. You keep it humorous.