Friday, January 04, 2008

It's Aloha Friday

The very best thing about living in Hawaii is the people. Living on Post we don't always have a lot of interaction with "real" Hawaiians - our kids go to base schools with other military brats, we see military doctors, we shop at military stores. But thanks to our church we have been able to get close to some really awesome locals.

We were recently invited to a retirement party for a man in our ward. He is retiring after 40 years as a school administrator. He and his wife are planning to move to the mainland to live their dream of working on an Indian Reservation later this year. They have a huge-o-rama family with 5 grown children with children of their own, and 4 more children still at home, their youngest just 7 years old. I love this family.

I brought a dish of chicken to the party to share and the spread was excellent - lots of sushi and rice and shrimp and seasoned beef. I was ready to eat way too much food and have fun visiting with friends, but I was unprepared for the totally rockin' entertainment:

Elvis Performed Live!

The Blues Brother mixed it up,

And Johnny Cash wore his favorite black shirt!

Unfortunately Sonny and Cher were unable to make it due to a previous engagement...

Nathan - you would have loved it!


Deployment Diaries:

I've been waiting to hear from Nathan all week. I talked to him early Sunday morning and nothing since. I knew he was probably heading into theater (is that what you call it?) so I was worried. But I got an email from him this evening (thursday). That was a relief.

Now it is 12:30am on Friday morning and Nathan just called. Luckily I stayed up to watch a movie, so I was awake for the phone call. He was at work trying out the phone line and not actually able to really talk.

and I couldn't help it, I started crying. Why does my voice get choked off when I cry? I don't even think feel all that sad - it's just like this big emotion that I can't contain so it leaks out in tears. I cried on the phone, which made it hard to talk so I couldn't say all the things I've been storing up, which made me cry more. And that probably didn't exactly brighten up Nathan's day. so I had to cry some more after I hung up the phone and now I'm crying while typing this sad paragraph. oh bother.


(army)Wife said...

I always hated when I did that too; cry when I finally got to talk to my hub while he was deployed. Hopefully, it gets better and the tears come less (at least when your talking to him). You're both in my prayers.

Ann M. said...

That party sounds like fun...

Don't let yourself feel bad for crying on the phone. I'm always a wreck at the beginning, too. Maybe try writing down exactly what you want to say to him before the next time you talk. If you do a sort of "practice run", you can deal with the bigger emotions a little. That way, maybe it will be easier for you to get what you want to say out when you do speak to him again.

trying said...

The party sounded great! I loved the Elvis pic!

I always cry the first few times I talk with hubby when he's deployed, then as I get more settled it almost just becomes routine. In a nonroutine sort of way. I did find it helpful to put a pad next to the bedroom phone with small notes to tell him about so I wouldnt forget stuff. It seems odd to have to write notes about what you want to say to your husband but lets face it our lifestyle is less then normal sometimes!

I hope you hear from him soon! And hang in there . Here's a very cold weather hug for you ((HUGS))

Deanne said...

I love the pic of the Hawaiian Elvis! Sounds like a fun party (or should I say par-tay?!) :)

Glad to hear that you've had contact with Nathan! Sorry you cried. It'll get easier with each call, right?

Still praying for you all,

No Cool Story said...

I like Johnny Cash (just like him too)

I used to be a non-hugger, but I have gone to the other side, I'm now a hugger.

A Soldier's Wife..... said...

Wendy, I hate to sound like one of "those" military wives but you will begin to feel is a cycle of emotions that every one of us goes through....that is why they, the "collective" they tell us about the cycles of deployment....what you are feeling is very normal and as time goes on you will begin to feel better and more at ease (not comfortable) but at ease with things, once he is settled and things feel less "everywhere".....

Party sounds great.....You are really making me want to come and visit the islands!!!!

Chin up and remember that these crazy feelings you have right now will calm down and you will feel less nutso later.....


Jrzy Army Wife said...

I totally understand the crying part and can totally sympathize. Sometimes that's really the only thing you can do.

Jody said...

I was glad to read your update that you had finally heard from your hubby.

God bless you both as you miss each other.

Boni said...

I'm so sorry about the phone conversation. I was gonna say to write things down, and then I thought, "what the hey do I know about this stuff?" I am in no position to give you advice, but I can be an ear. Take care and don't beat yourself up about it, the crying came from your heart, and I'm sure that's exactly the place Nathan belongs:)

Mary said...

Fun party! I love all the costumes, what a hoot (as mom would say - we have been hanging out too much!)!

Your last paragraph made me tear up a bit. I like all the encouragement and advice teh other military wives gave you, and I'm sure they are right, so I'll say "ditto."

I hope you get to hear from him again soon!

Butterfly Wife said...

Big hugs. I hear ya on the crying thing. I'm the same way.