Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's Aloha Friday

and thank heavens! Whew! This has been one busy week.

The Big Island is the topic for this edition of Aloha Friday.

Hawaii's Big Island isn't just big, it's still growing. It is bigger than all the other Hawaiian Islands put together, and thanks to Kilauea Volcano it is getting bigger every day. Kilauea Volcano has erupted lava almost continuously from its east rift zone since 1983. Those lava flows have added over 500 acres to the island.

Nathan and I were able to go visit the Big Island of Hawaii in November. I posted photos from our trip of our Manta Ray dive here and here and here. But I never got around to posting up any other photos.

We stayed in a cabin at the Kilauea Military Camp in Volcanoes National Park. (notice the red arrow expertly drawn on the map above)

Nathan and I hiked down into the Kilauea Iki Crater floor (behind us in photo). The lava is solid, but still steaming in the cracks. There were photos at the visitors center from the early 1900's when this crater was molten hott!

We also hiked through a lava tube.

It was amazing to see the vegetation starting to come up even in the middle of a lava field.

The problem with travelling without children is that I seem to show up in every picture.... This is a steam vent. The steam vents were really active while we were there. We were unable to see any red flowing hot lava, though. Maybe that's a good thing.

And last picture, I promise. Here we are at the Kona Temple.

I was searching for a picture yesterday and ran across these photos from our trip to the Big Island. Seeing those pictures from our trip made me miss my Nathan. I am really glad we were able to get away for a few days before deployment!

Happy Aloha Friday!


Anonymous said...

Crazy! What are you doing up at one in the morning. Get to sleep! I can see your blog now, so you better watch what you say about me...mha ha ha!


JoyceMcB said...

It's good to see your signature Nate! This was a great blog Wendy - educational and entertaining at the same time. Love you all, Joyce - er, mom

Mary said...

Way to go making an arrow on that map! I love that last picture of you and Nate-o, you guys look so cute.

Hi Nathan!

Deanne said...

Well, I've learned something today. I can go to bed now, right? :)

Looks like you live in a place that is not only beautiful but also fascinating!

Amber said...

I love your Aloha Fridays, especially when we have been enduring sub-zero Saturdays. Your pictures are beautiful and your photoshopping skills are impressive. :-)

Butterfly Wife said...

Looks like it was a fun trip. I'm glad you were able to have that time together.