Friday, October 31, 2008


Suddenly, Halloween has arrived! Boo!

How exciting!

John's class has a costume parade today. I didn't know schools even allowed that any more, but John's fireman hat and boots are in a bag in his backpack waiting for this afternoon.

Here's a spooky Halloween story:

Ever the Halloweeen procrastinator, I still need to finish up Emily's dress. Last year Hannah wore a red flapper dress. All year Emily has loved that dress, trying it on to see if she was tall enough to wear it. It made her feel fancy. When we were talking about costumes earlier this month, Emily said she wanted to be a fashion girl, with the long read dress and a pair of high heel boots. Eeeek! Even though Emily felt fancy, the dress was just too long and a little silly on her. This week I showed her some flapper-girl pictures and talked her into letting me cut down the dress to fit her.

That red sparkly fabric is the worst stuff I have ever tried to sew. I forgot how much I hated it last year. It has little glitter pieces that are glued on, and the glue gums up the needle and the thread breaks after only about 10 stitches. Grrrr.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a solution to that problem. A little cooking oil! I put some oil on a dish cloth and wiped down the needle. That allowed me to sew about 2 feet of fabric before I needed to un-gum the needle with a fresh coat of oil. Problem solved, but I still need to do a few more adjustments to make the dress fit just right. It's going to be so cute!

Sydney is keeping her costume a secret. Shhh! I'll post photos tonight.

Hannah says she is too old to trick or treat, but she and her friend are dressing up in Toga's and will pass out candy to the "little kids." Too old to trick or treat? scarrrrrry!

I hope your Halloween is a fright!

ps -

Dear Blogger,

Sorry I've been avoiding you. I hope you don't take it personally! I'll try to keep in better contact.

From your old friend,