Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hacking Cough

I bought a new jar of Vitamin C and a bottle of that stuff Deanne recommended to help fight off a cold, oh, I found the name, Zycam. The Zycam has a yucky chalky taste and you're not supposed to eat or drink after letting it dissolve in your mouth - no cheating by chewing. Ew. I don't like it, but maybe it's helping.

I'm not really a medicine kind of person, but I do not want to be sick.

Talking makes me cough and I sound like a smoker, but I don't FEEL sick. That's good, right?

I haven't been running in two days and I miss it. I had a good 3 week streak going. But I have been walking to school and back at least twice a day. That's got to count for something...


In other fascinating news -

A housing maintenance man came by today to fix a few things. That's one of the bonus features of living in Base housing. They provide a handyman to take care of the little (and not so little) troublesome house things. Toilet trouble? call housing! Refrigerator door not sealing? call housing! Siding blown off and scattered through the neighborhood during a storm? call housing!

Today's list included trouble with the lights in the laundry room, sliding pantry door off the track, sliding closet mirror off the track, sliding screen door off the track (are we seeing a pattern here?) and toilet handle falling off.

Housing to the rescue!

John followed the repair man around and reported back to me about all the tools he had "he has a drill, mom!" "Mom, that guy has a ponytail..." "You gotta see the ladder - I think we need one of those..."

John thought that was totally cool. But here's my favorite part: while I was signing the paperwork after the repairman had finished, he said something like "You keep your house real nice."

Let me have an Hallelujah Chorus!

All that cleaning last week really paid off!

Now if I could just remember to take down the trio of snowman decorations. I keep forgetting that they are still hanging on the wall...


Deanne said...

I hope the Zycam stuff helps. Are you taking it regularly?? I know, it's not the best medicinal 'experience', but hey at least its WAY better than the other nasty stuff out there like Nyquil!!! I hope you are better super-soon!

Gotta love those handy men! As much as I look forward to owning our own home again, renting does have it's perks! Love calling to have something fixed and but not having to foot the bill. :)

Mary said...

Awwww, nice handyman! I love that John was so excited about his tools - he's such a cute boy! I hope your smoker's cough goes away soon!

nikko said...

That would have been my favorite part, too.

Hope your cough goes away soon.

trying said...

that zycam stuff really is disgusting isnt it? I couldnt do it any longer. Letting those things dissolved was worse then natural labor.

As for the should have until the end of winter (or winter in your home state) to have to take them down. So you have plenty of time!

Amanda said...

Wow, what a nice compliment! That would totally make my day! I am sure he has seen his fair share of not so clean houses.

Sorry you are still under the weather, hopefully it won't last too long! Yikes, after trying's description of zycam I don't know if I could ever try it. "worse than natural labor"

I agree that the snowmen decorations should be able to stay up. It is still winter in other parts of the world. ;) We have finally hit our January subzero temps. Yay! [rolling eyes]

No Cool Story said...

"worse than natural labor"? Count me out.

Hope you feel better soon.
I want that guy to compliment my house.
Other than my husband I don't know any guy has ever complimented me for my fine cleaning skills.
I did get somplimented once for how neat my van is :)

compulsive writer said...

Feel better soon, but be wary of the Zycam you sniff up your nose. It robbed me of most of my sense of smell.

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Oh my gosh- I would be so proud if a repair guy told me I "kept my house real nice"! Isn't that the best?! haha

Sorry about the colds. we all just got over that too. No fun! Hope you feel better soon!