Monday, February 04, 2008

Emily's Tooth

This Tooth

I jiggled it

jaggled it

jerked it.

I pushed

and pulled

and poked it.

But --

As soon as I stopped,

and left it alone

this tooth came out

on its very own!

Emily has been waiting for-e-ver for her first loose tooth. It seemed like she was the last one in her class to lose a tooth, but it finally happened. Her tooth started to wiggle and shift around this weekend, and if Nathan had been here I'm sure he would have pulled it, but I don't like to see loose teeth let alone touch loose teeth, so I just took pictures (for Nathan and you!) and it fell out at school today!

How exciting!

I just hope our delinquent tooth fairy remembers to do her job tonight...


Jody said...

LOL! Our tooth fairy is a slacker too.

She looks so very happy in that last pic. Adorable!

dutchgirl said...

She is too cute!!

trying said...

cute pic!

whats the going rate for a tooth these days?

Mary Peterson said...

HI Wendy! Your kids are so cute! Jamesy can't wait for a loose tooth too. He keeps coming up to me with a lot of "loose" teeth. Nothing has happened yet. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Can I have your e-mail address? Please e-mail me at and I'll answer your question.

Deanne said...

Love the poem! And the first picture reminds me of the picture of you that you posted for your latest dental appt. :) Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS Emily!!!!!!!!!!!

**thanks for the pics of Emily! She's a cutie! :)

Mary said...

Yeah for a lost tooth! How exciting!

You can tell Emily that I swallowed the first tooth I lost (while eating cereal one morning - it was there, and then it wasn't). Wah!

Cutie Em looks so much like you!

JoyceMcB said...

Congratulations to Emily! That is so exciting. I love the pictures too. Grammy