Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Aloha Friday!

Today's Hawaii focus is Jack Johnson, a North Shore local musician turned big time. When we first got here we noticed his music all over the radio, and people kept telling us, "Ya Brah, he's da kine!" So we had to check him out.

If you saw Curious George, you would be familiar with Jack's (first names only - we're close like that, me and Jack) sound. Upside Down seems to be the most popular from that movie.

I just purchased his latest CD In Between Dreams. It's got a great groovy, kinda relaxing beat - nice easy guitar and even some ukulele. You can listen and watch here. Listen to some great music, and see Hawaii - beautiful shots of the ocean and surfing and banana trees and chickens and...

Seriously, Nathan, you are going to love this! If you have a chance to go visit his video gallery, you should listen to Better Together. When are you coming Home?

I've been listening to this CD all week, and one song that has been particularly insightful is Good People:

You win it’s your show now
So what’s it going to be?
Because people will tune in
How many train wrecks do we need to see?
Before we lose touch
And we thought this was low
Well it’s bad, getting worse….

Where’d all the good people go?
I’ve been changing channels
and I don’t see them on the tv shows
Where’d all the good people go?

Jack performed here in Waikiki last weekend, but we didn't go. Boo! Hiss! on me. sorry Jack.


nikko said...

So are you going to tell us what "da kine" means??

K and I just watched the video on his site with Curious George. It was fun. I'm always interested in fun, upbeat kid-friendly music! Thanks for sharing.

wendy said...

Nikko - Tune in to next week's Aloha Friday to find out the meaning of Da Kine!

Elizabeth-W said...

I wanna know, too. DOG has that posted in his bounty hunter window, right?!

Amanda said...

Hmmmm, Jack looks a bit like the Jack from Lost. It is always great to find new music that you can listen to with the kids and not blush.

Toni said...

Never heard of him. Might have to google him.

compulsive writer said...

LOVE him. He makes me happy.

Mary said...

I know what Da Kine means, it is a brand name for snowboarding and outdoor gear, sold all over the place, but lots and lots sold in Hood River. See, I speak Hawaii-talk :) Just joking, I have no idea, but it IS a brand name too.

I will have to listen to cute Hawaiian Jack's music.

No Cool Story said...

:( I missed Aloha Friday :(
Da kine is slang for "the cane", meaning (Jack in this example) is so good you can actually "lean on him" or use him a a cool, rad cane.
Da kine.

I have not watched "Curious Gorge".
Why? Simple answer: Teens.

Steph said...

Rats, I was going to guess it meant "The King" since I can speak with such a great (ha ha) Hawaiian accent that is what I thought it was.

The cane sounds much cooler though.


wendy said...

Elizabeth - if Dog the bounty hunter doesn't have it on his window, he should- is he still in hiding over that mexico thing?

Amanda - he does kind of look like the other Jack. Hmmm.

Mary - I thought it meant windsurf stuff too. Wrong - o!

NCS - sorry - da kine is not the cane. But a cane can be da kine!

steph - not the king, either. sorry.

Tori :) said...

How did I miss this post??? We LOVE JJ around here! My persona fave cd is 'Brushfire Fairytales' but he's good all around. Never a sell out.