Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mumble Mumble

It is late late late. In fact, where you are, it is probably early. Nathan is out of town for the month and I'm trying to improve my sleeping by staying up late. Then maybe I'll be able to sleep through the night...

Nathan is in Mo-town visiting his fam. He got to see our newest neice, Taylor, and says she is just beautiful! He is planning to visit the Brinton's tomorrow to give them some Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts. In a couple of days he heads to Vegas for some training.

Nathan was gone last year at Easter time, too, but I have no memory of what we did for Easter. Were we at my parents house? I know we went there for conference, but I just can't remember Easter. Did I sew for the girls? I don't think so... If it wasn't so late I would check my blog history.

Emily keeps calling Friday "Lucky Friday." She has said it a few times, and each time I think "huh?" and then I remember Good Friday! and I laugh! Lucky Friday!

Happy Birthday to Katie and Michelle!

We stuffed the bunnies and attached the fluffy tails, but our fancy new camera is busy taking pictures on the mainland, so you'll just have to use your imagination. Sorry. No new beach pictures this month. But Nathan promised to bring home some terrific pictures of stuff getting blown up...

I went ahead and found last year's Easter memories. We were at home. I bought myself some little purple pansies, and though I don't have any pictures, I DID sew dresses for Em and Syd and a skirt for Hannah (which turned out totally un-cute, but I made her wear it to Stake Conference anyway) And that's something else I remember (see I'm not losing my mind) Stake Conference is always on Easter in Rapid City. Odd. And it made it tricky to do our Saturday Easter Egg hunt because I had to be at the Stake Center for some Primary training, leaving my poor kids home alone with baskets full of chocolate and jellybeans and peeps.

How did we already get to Thursday?


txmommy said...

thank you, and Nathan, for serving our country and being willing to miss Easter (and all else that you miss). We have a big family of AF, although DH is not one. And I feel such gratitude. Seeing our troops reminds me of Helaman's army protecting freedom and liberty.

good luck with the dresses and happy Easter!

Mary said...

How was your sleep last night? Is Nate going to head over to UT to see ma and pa? I hope he has fun in Modesto and that you guys are alright with him gone!

Happy Lucky Friday to you! :)

wendy said...

txmommy - you're so sweet!

Mary - I slept great - from 12:30am - 6:15am. The best I have slept solo here. Yippee! Nathan is hoping to drive up to Utah one weekend, but he won't know his schedule until next week.

Amanda said...

Sorry that Nathan will not be with you for Easter again. This year Easter is fast sunday, stake conference is the following sunday. How cruel is that???? Luckily we will be in Denver so I don't have to go without my chocolate on Easter morning.

Sorry you have not been sleeping well. I hope it gets better.

No Cool Story said...

Ditto what Txmommy said.
Still not sleeping? You know what is helping me? jet lag; let's see what happens when I go back home next week.
Have a great Easter Wendy :)

Anonymous said...

mom. omgosh. you need to like take sleeping pills. I am tired if I sleep less than 9 hours. so you need to go to sleep and do something to make yourself go to sleep. OTHER than watching a movie with the volume up so loud that it wakes me up. lol. I was so tired at school today. but I still love you mom.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Txmommy's comment was very inspiring. Thanks Wendy & Nathan! Happy Easter!

Evan said...

Hey - as luck would have it, I happened to be in Mo-town for the day when Nate stopped by. Mom called when he showed up and I ran over. Was kind of like a neat little extended family reunion. Its funny how life has taken us all in different directions. There was so much to we wanted to know and I hope we didn't monopolize his time too much. I felt like a kid again, sitting on the floor listening to Nates stories of high adventure and being a dad and husband.

While I could ramble all day, I just wanted to mention that we did see nate, and he got to see all our little brintonlings(yes, even I have one now), running amuck much as we all did together in a past life. It brought back a lot of fond memories for me.

While I wish Nate could have been home with his family during easter, it was a treat to spend time with him during ours.


wendy said...

Hi Evan! How fun to hear from you! Nathan had a great time visiting with you guys. I wish I could have been there to see your baby and everybody. You guys are the best!