Sunday, April 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Sis

Tonight I am spotlighting McSister #7. I was just thinking that if I only blog family birthdays, I could still be on here all the time!

Erin is the youngest of the McBabes. I can remember how excited we were when Erin was born. She is 12 years younger (yikes, am I getting old?) than me, but I have always felt really close to her. When Erin was a baby, Mom let us rock her and snuggle her and spoil her. I remember talking to Erin in baby talk, taking her for rides on the back of my bike, and sitting with her on my lap while watching The Little Mermaid.

Erin loved The Little Mermaid. When she was about 3 years old, there was a large rock near our home in Oregon, that she loved to lay on and sing "Part of your World", just like Ariel (minus the shells.)

My girls (and John) just love Ernie. They want to be just like her. Erin is such a cool Auntie - she wears hip clothes, she is smart, she is athletic, and she listens to cool music! What's not to love?

Happy Birthday, Erin!
Woot! Woot!


Toni said...

Aww! That is so sweet! My sisters and I preferred to smack each other around! It was all good!

Mary said...

Cute! Those pictures are great! Your blog entry and mine are twins - it's like they are for the same sista :)

No Cool Story said...

So cute, I already said this on Mary's blog, but I believe it can’t be said to o many times: you are all so cute, and so blessed to have each other.
Happy Birthday Erin! You young babe you!

Elizabeth-W said...

I was thinking the same thing, about how big your family is (or seems in comparison to mine)!
Love the mental image of the little girl on a rock--where in OR were you? Shazzy lived in Tillamook and Oceanside when he was a boy. We're in the beginning stages of an OR trip later this summer. We usually rent a beach house for just shy of a week, somewhere along that part of the coast.

Elizabeth-W said...

by that I meant planning of the trip--not like we're heading there now in our covered wagons. oops. :)

Suzanne said...

I was 12 also when my baby brother was born. It was so fun getting to help take care of him.

Your sister sounds fantastic and she looks a lot like you and Mary too. Happy Birthday, Erin!

wendy said...

Elizabeth - we lived in Hood River, Oregon - right on the Columbia River, about an hour east of Portland. Loved it.

Mary said...

Wendy, whenever I describe where Hood River is, I almost always use the exact phrasing you just used. Twins!