Monday, February 13, 2006


Our topic for Family Home Evening tonight was Love at Home. We talked about Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness and how He planned for each of us to come to a family. Then we played spin the bottle! I cut out some hearts and wrote an idea on each heart.

Directions for the game:
Sit in a circle
Spin the bottle
Who ever the bottle points to choses a heart
And follows the intructions on the heart.

The instructions on our heart cards:
Give the person to your left a foot rub
Say something you love about daddy
Give Emily and Eskimo kiss
Smile at Sydney
Give the person to your right a kiss and a hug
Think of a service you can do for someone after FHE
Wink at Hannah
Say something nice about the people next to you
Give John a butterfly kiss.

The funniest part of the night was when John was supposed to give Hannah a wink - he was so cute blinking his two eyes at her. Sydney giving Hannah's stinky feet a foot rub was funny, too.

As we were finishing up, we heard a "ding-dong" and found a Heart Attack on our door. Someone taped hearts all over our door and left us a plate of goodies. Fun Family Home Evening!


texasblu said...

I love heat attacks - they're so much fun. I think your "spin" on spin the bottle is cute too... we'll have to use that one!

Joyce McB said...

Wendy where do you get all of your good ideas? Don't you ever get so tired you can't think of new good ideas? You are amazing. I wish I had your energy and drive. Love you, mom

P.S. I loved the kissing pictures too. Its a good thing we don't live in Bali.

wendy said...

The spin the bottle idea was actually in the FHE manual - isn't that silly that the FHE Manual suggested playing spin the bottle?

Mary said...

I love that activity! We'll have to try that when our kid(s) are bigger. Poor Syd, massaging Hannah's stinky feet!