Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Slow Joggers' Club

We have had unusually mild weather lately, and I have been able to go jogging almost every day. I haven't done much jogging since about October, so in early January I was mostly walking. Just last week I was able to jog (slowly) my entire route. Yea for me!

Harley and Sam

I take Sam (the dog) and Harley (the ***borrowed dog) jogging with me. We stick to back roads since we take up the half the street. Sam is a good jogging partner and stays just to my left. He stops when I stop and follows when I turn right. When I give the left hand turn sign, he turns left and does not trip me up. What a great dog. Harley runs right next to Sam, on his right side, about a head behind him. Sam's doing a good job keeping her in line. Luckily when Sam was a puppy he chewed on his leash and I had to cut it and sew it shorter. So I have one regular leash for Sam, and one about a foot shorter for Harley. Perfect for jogging with two dogs!

When I first started taking Harley, she would get all crazy whenever we passed a storm drain. Every block or so there is a drain-hole opening next to the sidewalk, and each time we passed one, Harley would stop running and try to get behind me. That would tangle up the leashes, trip me, and make me mad. I have been working with her, and as long as I remember to grab onto her leash and give a little tug as we near a drain-hole, she is fine.

***I can't remember if I have mentioned that we are pet sitting a dog. A friend of Nathan's needed somewhere for his dog to go during the deployment, so Nathan volunteered Sydney's pet sitting services. It reminds me of an episode of "The King of the Hill" - a grown up cartoon on Fox. A friend of the main character was taking care of a soldier's dog while the soldier was deployed. The dog was a beautiful, well trained golden retriever. The main character decided that taking care of an animal for a soldier would be the patriotic thing to do, so he signed up to do the same, but ended up with a wild and crazy cat. It was a funny show and I think of it when ever I pull out the vacuum. Harley (the borrowed dog) is a cute, long haired, black mutt. She is a little smaller than Sam, but she has more hair. There is no end to the dog hair in our house.

Sam and John are buddies


Mary said...

Jogging with 2 dogs is brave! Slow jogging is better than no jogging. Good job!

texasblu said...

I think it's great you take them with you - safer. They look like a sweet pair! :)

Anonymous said...

I love you, Wendy! You are the funniest, cutest blogger I know.
It is great to see pictures of the
kids and the dogs.
Request...How about a little pic of