Friday, February 17, 2006

A view from the front door

Donna said: "Why not post a picture of what is out your front door?"

warm noses


Cold Day

Brrrrr. It is supposed to stay below 0 F all day today. It is -9 degrees F right now. We bundled up to go outside, but I had to take off my mittens to take the pictures, and my fingers started to feel like they were burning. After we took pictures we walked over to the sledding hill and we went down just one time before heading back in. It is just too cold. My fingers are still a little sore.


texasblu said...


We're experiencing a chill down too. My boys wanted to go outside so bad - beautiful sunshine! But it was just too chilly.... so they took to climbing my bookcases, jumping on the table, and doing all sorts of things to express their "cabin fever".

The good news is, Spring is just around the corner! :)

Mary said...

You guys are brave to even go out in the cold! Those temperatures would have me hiding inside.

Anonymous said...

I love the red cheeks and bright smiles! Yay for sledding. Sheesh -9 I thought 4 degrees was cold! Anna