Sunday, February 12, 2006

World Wide Training

Yesterday I got to attend a broadcast of the LDS World Wide Leadership Training from SLC. When I talked to Nathan yesterday, friends of his had attended in Guam, and Mary mentioned attending in Maryland (how funny is it that Mary lives in Maryland) - so it really is world wide!

I enjoyed the thoughts about keeping your calling in balance with your family. This is something that Nathan and I have discussed a lot. This fall things were a little stressful with his Scoutmastering (3 wednesday evenings at the church, monthly camping, monthly training, committee meetings, and extra service projects for the holidays) and my Primary Calling (2 hours each Sunday, early meetings once a month, early Sunday phone calls for subs, Presidency meetings every other week, Primary Program, planning stuff, quarterly activities, quarterly training, stake training, etc) Some weeks it seemed like we had church stuff everyday.

I don't really know how to keep things in balance for our family, but with Nathan gone I have been able to see just how much I have used his evening babysitting duties. In the last month I have said no to so many little evening meetings and parties because I really just need to be home at night. (Though Hannah has been great about tending, too) So I think that's what I'll continue to work on: NO! I need to be home with my family - I cannot... come to a squadron girls night out... come to a pampered taste party... go bowling... babysit. But I can read to Emily and make cookies and build train tracks and help with math homework and learn all about cow eyeballs.....


Mary said...

I really enjoyed the meeting too. I think it was really nice to hear how to prioritize. You guys do sound extra busy, so saying NO will be a good thing.

...didn't you have to dissect a cow eyeball at Sonoma School?

texasblu said...

I agree with you - just make sure you take time for those spouse dates, eh? :)