Thursday, May 01, 2008

Three Things on Thursday

#1 John says Hi.

John made me laught at dinner tonight at Taco Bell. Sorry. I'm a rule breaker. Don't be hatin'. I had no choice. We had to drop Hannah off at the high school to get ready for her final dress rehearsal and then wait an hour before we could watch the family-only preview presentation of Cinderella. There wasn't time to go home and fix dinner, and Taco Bell was just across the street. Sheesh.

Yeah, so back to dinner.

John got up and was kind of jumping around behind my seat. Taco Bell was empty, and you are allowed to do that kind of thing there. That's why we were at Taco Bell and not some fancy schmancy black tie restaurant. I wasn't really paying attention until John grinned at me and said "I have a little squeaker in my shoe."

I didn't know what he was talking about. And I was actually a bit leary about what that squeaker might be. So John showed me. If he jumped just right, his shoes made a rather pleasing squeak, like the squeak of basketball shoes on a bb court. He was so proud. Cute little squeaker!

#2 - I'm going to post some photos, but before I do I need to warn you that these are really bad shots. I wanted them to be good, but it was getting dark and the light wasn't good and the kid I was trying to photograph kept moving. So the photos are out of focus. Mz. Booshay wouldn't be caught dead with them, but I'm still posting the pictures because the kid that was moving is so stinkin' cool. You gotta see what she can do:

Here is Sydney demonstrating her very own "Hula Hooping While Riding the Wave Board" trick. Dave Letterman here we come.

We've discussed Sydney's sweet wave board skilz before. Syd Rocks!

And she never crashes.

and #3 - I bought new shoes. They are lovely. They are clean. They smell good. I'll take 'em out tomorrow and let you know how they run.


Deanne said...

Sydney is awesome! I'm completely impressed!!!! And squeaky-shoed John....too funny! :)

Mary said...

A squeaker in his shoe! How funny! We have a little friend who has shoes with real squeakers in them so every step she takes there is a little squeak. So cute.

And Syd is amazing! That's so awesome. Who else would have thought to combine the two and get away with it? And since I'm her auntie, I can say that Syd has such cutie legs :)

Boedee said...

Now that IS talent! I hope your shoes FEEL good too! :)

orchard_girl said...

Love the photos of Syd, oh so talented! I like the little squeaker in John's shoe.

Amanda said...

Yay for new shoes! John is too cute and Sydney, wow! She is amazing. :)

trying said...

glad im not the only mom who allows less then emily post behavior when a resturant is empty! whats the point of harping on the in an empty fast food place anyways.

your daughter looks very talented. she'll appreciated those photos later in life.

i just read about your shoes. i know you got new ones (much needed it sounds like) but if that ever happens again try stuffing them with newspaper and letting it sit overnight. i used to do that with wet muddy cleats so they wouldnt mildew.

tootie said...

Your kids are cute! (And talented, too.)

Glad you got a new pair of shoes!

Suzanne said...

Sydney is so talented and coordinated to be able to do that!

John is so cute with his squeaker shoe! :)

Anonymous said...

Found you from Annie's wonderful blog. Have to say that I am glad to see someone else who seems to love "Taco Bell" as much as I do.
Think it is awesome that your daughter is performing in a play. Mine is stage manager for princess and the pea which is taking place over the next few weeks.