Sunday, May 18, 2008

Science Project and a Package

Tomorrow is Sydney's day to be the classroom Expert Scientist. It's been a while since we last did a science project.

This time our project is simple and fun.

Sydney has a bag of Jelly Bellies to share with her class.

She will ask her class if they think smell affects taste. Then she will give each of her classmates a jelly belly and instruct them to plug their noses before eating. They will plug their noses, chew, and then unplug their noses.

You gotta try this.

It is amazing how much more you can taste with your nose involved.

Then she will explain that your tongue can only taste a few things (sour, sweet, salty, and bitter) but your nose can recognize over 10,000 scents. When you eat, your nose and your tongue send messages to the same spot in your brain that recognizes flavors.

Very cool! Good luck Professor Syd.


It is package time. Sometimes I have a hard time knowing just what to send, so I'm posting this list in case you are looking for ideas. I have loved reading BW's care package lists. And, well, I just like lists. In front of me on the desk is my list of things to do tomorrow. And next to that is my list of things I should do before Nathan comes home (including get a new driver's license...but I've still got a couple months... actually a little more than a couple, but almost less than a few...) Anyway, back to the care package:

Nathan, cover your eyes if you are reading this.

I am sending:

A bag of Jelly Bellies
2 wood turning catalogs
a superman pez
pencil with a scary eyeball eraser
sunflower seeds
more CD's of Conference
blank DVD discs
a funky ball
tuna and crackers
fruit rolls
random kid art
and an assortment of chips (sun chips, doritos, cheetos) in single serving bags.

I think that's all. Not terribly exciting. Next week I'll need to gather up a father's day care package. Any ideas?

Happy Monday!


Amber said...

Wow, what a great care package! I am still trying to figure out Father's Day myself.

And I firmly believe our smell effects our taste. Whenever I am really sick and can't smell or breath, I can't taste my food. And then I don't eat because what's the point?:-)

Mary said...

I totally hate it when I'm stuffy and can't smell or taste anything - which was basically how I have spent this entire winter. Boring!

Fun package - I love the wood turning magazines, so perfect! For father's day I think an entire box of ties would suffice :)

Mary Peterson said...

Sydney will be very popular at school that day. What a fun project. I love Jelly Bellys! :0)

Deanne said...

Sydney totally lucked out with a great project (assuming it was assigned). And what a neat way to display what she learned as well as make it interactive! I can only imagine that no one will be dozing during her presentation! :)

What a great care package!! I'm sure he'll love it! Father's Day package??? Um, if you get any good ideas I could use some too! ;)

No Cool Story said...

Syd's project sounds so fun! I'll have to remember that one next time Fashionista needs one.

That care package sounds great, he'll super love it :D

Butterfly Wife said...

Wendy, you are the bestest at lists. And every time I write, "1. Make list" you know it is an ode to you! :D

Looks like a great care package. I like this funky ball thing. Random kid art is pretty darn cool, too.

For the father's day care package? Buy an old used tie from Goodwill and have the kids decorate it? That's the best I got tonight.

Suzanne said...

Now that's the kind of Science Project that I like to participate in! :D

A Soldier's Wife..... said...

I'm hungry now. I love your science projects....I am going to make sure when I need help with my son's in the future I come to you for it.


Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Sign me up for that science experiment! I love Jelly Bellies!

trying said...

oooh a reason for jelly bellies!

i meant to post this earlier but my mind is slipping... your fathers day package sounds great. have you seen those recordable cards from hallmark? i sent one to my mother for moms day from the kids and it was a hit! also we make mugs for hubs every year with ceramics paint i either put their handprint or footprint or the elder just free paints on it. you could also make a travel mug for him with the removable liner in it so they could decorate a couple up for him and he could switch it up some (hubs LOVE those). Another cute idea (im sorry to ramble on) is to use the same ceramic paints and paint a jar and then fill it with hersheys hugs and kisses. or the older ones could fill it with things they love about him and stuff they cant wait to do with him when he gets home.

if your interested in the ceramic paints and have any questions my email is on my profile page.

good luck!

gifts for her said...

This is a great package and I am looking forward for buying a one gift on father's day. The effects are good. Thanks for sharing.