Thursday, May 19, 2005

Science Fair

This week is the science fair. Hannah has been working on her project since early April. Our neighbor is a dentist, and when Hannah mentioned to him, that she was interested in doing a project about teeth, he offered to bring home some teeth for her. He pulls wisdom teeth on Mondays, so he gave her one day's harvest - 8 huge, white teeth.

She decided to test the effect of soda on teeth. Dr. Jones told her that the acidity of some sodas is very close to the acidity of battery acid, and can stain and weeken teeth. Hannah put each tooth in a cup of soda, and let them sit for about a month. One tooth sat in water - it still looked good at the end of the project, but the teeth in Coke and Dr Pepper looked all yucky, and the tooth in Fanta turned orange!

Week 4, Fanta

Week 4, Coke

Sydney and her friend Rebekah learned about clouds and rain. We heated up water on the stove, then poured the hot water into a glass jar. Then we poured most of the hot water back into the pan. We covered the top of the jar with a lid, then set ice on the lid. The top part of the jar fogged up, then droplets gathered and ran down the sides of the jar. It was just like a little cloud and rain.

Those two girls were really cute writing out their information. Sydney made a paper model of the jar, and Rebekah made a model of the water cycle. We had a blue project board to put their information on, and we cut out a white cloud for the title of the project. It looked so cute. Pictures coming soon.


In other news, our hot water heated died and flooded the basement. Someone is coming to replace it, but he is not here yet, though he said he would be here at 9am (it is 10am now) Soon I will have to start running errands. Yikes.


muse said...

That tooth experiment sounds great! Good luck to your kids.

Mary said...

Those are both fun experiments. The tooth pictures are great! Yuck-a! Do you remember the Sonoma School science olympics or whatever they called them? Those were always really fun with the straw bridge building, catapults and the egg drop (which a certain somebody won first place in the district).

texasblu said...

It sounds like Mom deserves an "A" for working so well with her children. I love your ideas for science projects! No wonder we discourage our little ones for drinking soda! I like the idea for the rain cloud, I hadn't heard of that one. I look forward to the pictures! :)