Friday, May 13, 2005

Ellsworth AFB is on the Base Closure List

It seems like a sad thing. We really like Rapid City, and the base seems to really benefit the community. There are still some steps before the list is actually approved. So maybe Ellsworth will still make it.

Here is a link to the base closure list.

I really like it here in Rapid City. The city is cute, the schools are small, the base housing is really nice, we are only 12 hours from Mom and Dad, we love being able to go up and hike in the Black Hills (minus the ticks), the grass is green and soft, and it doesn't get too hot in the summer. We do have snow on the ground (on May 13?) That is odd, and I will post some pictures, but we will really hate to leave this place.

Good thing we did not buy the house that I fell in love with.


texasblu said...

Awww Wendy. Maybe it won't be cut after all. I'm so sorry. I watched all that stuff today & just felt sick for everyone who will be relocated. :(

Mary said...

That is sad! I know how much you like it there and I hope the base isn't closed in this round of closures. Several years before we moved to Monterey, Fort Ord was closed and it had a big impact on the community and the wards in the area. They are slowly re-developing the land, but it just seems like a waste of perfectly good housing, buildings and facilities!

If Nate was stationed in Guam, would you guys get to go there too? If so, maybe the Rickster has some good info on that area for you since he served his mission there (albeit that was like a bazillion years ago, wahaha. Rick is da bomb)

This is long and rambling. I'm just putting off getting things together for sharing time...

Laurie said...

I heard about the base closings, but I didn't think it would affect you. It is such a beautiful area, and I can't imagine how the town would thrive without the base there.


Anonymous said...

I am way behind on my blog reading, but I did think of you when I heard of the closures. I hope your family will be well taken care of, whatever happens. Hey, maybe you can come to Hill and live by me! That's where my dh works!

Korrie in UT