Friday, May 06, 2005

Neighborhood Garage Sale

Our neighborhood has a huge garage sale each Mother's Day weekend. Everyone in the area is gearing up for the big day. As we are all military, there are many people getting ready to move and dejunking, and others who just moved in and need to get rid of things that just don't fit here. It is all rather exciting.

I give our stuff away to the Salvation Army as it piles up. Usually by the time I am ready to part with it, it is in pretty sad condition. So I don't have much of anything for the garage sale, but a friend from the base asked to use our drive way, and she brought over some fun things.

Last year the girls set up a lemonade/cookie stand and made about $60. Wow. Too bad we told everyone about our success, because now 4 other families on our street are going to sell goodies. Last year we only sold the cookies on Saturday, but there was lots of traffic on Friday evening as well, so we are considering having the cookies out tonight.

I cannot remember what we charged last year. I think it was 10 cents each or 3 for a quarter, but maybe it was a quarter each or 5 for a dollar. Hannah will remember. To stay competitive we may have to drop our prices.


Today, Sydney is trying out for the school talent show. She is hoola-hooping with three hoops. It is pretty amazing to see her skinny little tummy keep all those hoops up and spinning. I hope she gets to be in the talent show.


Do you think I should sell the basinette?


Joyce said...

Wendy, Is this the same basinet you and Nathan bought and made so cute for Hannah? You know what happened to us when we got rid of all our baby things? Erin! Not that that's a bad thing. Mom

Joyce said...

Another thought. I wish I could come to the yard sale - it sounds like fun. And I want to see Sydney hoola hoop. Will there be room in your van/pickup for hoola hoops for our reunion? Mom

Mary said...

Three hoola hoops at once! Very impressive. More impressive is that shy little Syd is trying out for a talent show, how great! Thanks for picking up the Johnny Jump-up since I can't go to the huge yard sale myself. It's like being there in spirit, waha! Good luck on the lemonade business! As for the basinet, my first reaction was, "they can't sell it, what if they have another baby?" Then I realized that must be the point...ah, I'm slow.

Anonymous said...

Too bad I don't live nearby, you could have Hannah and Sydney sell our golf balls, they'd be the bussiest kids on the block! Good luck with the sale.

Go Sydney Go! Sydney is cool, and not a fool.