Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Hannah brought home a note from school today from a retirement center near here. They are asking for 5th grade volunteers to come work there for 2-3 hours a week. What do you think? Have you spent time as a volunteer in a nursing home? Would it be a positive experience for her, or awkward and uncomfortable? I may go up there and visit the home and speak to the activity director before deciding.

Can you believe that the school year is nearly over? Time to start thinking about summer. Swimming lessons. Camping. Fireworks at Mt. Rushmore. Bike riding. Oregon. Which reminds me, we have a new missionary from LaGrand. I didn't talk to him, but Nathan says he knows Brandon and all those guys! fun!

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Mary said...

We just had a primary activity where we went and sang at a nursing home near the church. There were several people there that looked quite disabled and some of the kids were uncharacteristically (sp?) quiet. But I think a retirement home is mostly grandmas and grandpas of varying health and perhaps that wouldn't be as intimidating. Can you go with Hannah to volunteer or would she be on her own? I'm not sure how I'd feel about sending a 10 year old to a place full of adult strangers by herself.... Then again, maybe it would be a great experience and teach Han about service and loving people who are different from her.

About summer, yeah! I'm excited for swimming, camping, going to Oregon and visiting family on both sides!