Saturday, May 07, 2005

We survived the 2 day garage sale and have the sunburn to prove it. We decided that we would not sell lemonade and I am so glad. As our neighbors were setting up we found that there were cookies/lolipops/juice/hotdogs/chips/etc next door, cinnamon rolls across the street, brownies two doors down, and popcorn/lemonade/snowcones across the way. It would have been sad to see Sydney sitting there all forelorn waiting for someone to take pitty and buy lemonade.

So we did not sell food, but we did sell a few toys - one doll stroller/carseat/playpen, one doll bed, one 12 speed bike (that our neighbor gave us in TX), and one purple bike - for a grand total of $35!!!! yippee. Our friend sold most of her things, but it was a little embarrassing to have her garage sale items here at our house. They were odd items, and she had them priced way higher than I would have paid. So (since she was not here the whole time) people would come, look at the price, and ask me if I would be willing to bargain. But since it wasn't mine, and she didn't want to lower the prices, it looked like I was a little crazy. Oh well. It was fun to chat with her.

There was an incredible amount of traffic and people. This place was as busy as the county fair. If you were having a baby, you could find everything you ever dreamed of. I wish all you sisters were here, there were so many baby girl things! I really had to look to find anthing for John. I did find a nice Colombia coat for him, snow boots for me, snow shoes, sled, and a fancy ice scraper. Our neighbors are moving to TX - not so much snow there. I also bought a Johnny Jump-up toy for Mary! And some baby girl things for Sarah. Sorry Anna, my John and your Juddah were pretty much out of luck. I think I will leave the Johnny Jumper in the middle of the front room so that I will not forget to go to the post office.

Hannah and Sydney had a great time wandering around finding "hot deals". Hannah found paint ball stuff at one house. Nathan bought two guns and all the stuff to go with them. I guess he is planning to go paintballing with Rick this summer!


muse said...

Sounds wonderful to meet people, get rid of things and get bargains.

Mary said...

Does this mean you did not sell the bassinette? ;) That yard sale sounds like a big event!

texasblu said...

One never knows the uses of a good couple of paint guns! LOL! Congrats on your sales! :)

wendy said...

We did not sell the bassinette. I love it too much, and it holds all the dolls in the girls' room.