Thursday, May 14, 2009

More ROC

365 bells? on each dress

Aztec Dance

Samoan Sasa


African Dance
Did I mention that Maybelline and Marcus are newlyweds?

Native American Hoop Dancing

I tried to google more about Hoop Dancing, but I didn't find much information, so I'm still wondering: How many hoops do they use? What are the different forms that they make? Is it a competition dance? How do you win? How old are you when you learn how to do that?

I am totally fascinated by this. How does that work?

Here's a close up of her hands and all those hoops.


The hoop-girls were amazing. Did I already say that? They really were. It's not like they were just standing there on stage braiding hoops together. They were hopping and dancing around the hoops the whole time and then - shazam! - another hoop hops up and - voila! - she is an Eagle.

It makes our hula-hooping-on-the-wave-board trick look a little shabby. oh well. I can't do that either...

I wonder if they do hoop dancing in South Dakota?

I still have more pictures from the ROC performance, but it's mostly a Maybelline-Show from here on out (she is just so darn cute, and she danced in most everything), so I'll post them if she wants me to.


Mary said...

Two posts in one week? I might faint :)

The hoop dancing does look cool - how do they not end up tripping over all that?

How cute that your friend and her hubby are newlyweds and already got to take a trip to Hawaii together!

Deanne said...

I can only imagine how amazing the hoop show was!!! That would have been really neat to see!

**are you moving back to South Dakota soon???

wendy said...

Deanne - our turn in Hawaii will be done at about Christmas time. We hope we'll be heading to SD after that. But we don't know for sure yet....topic for upcoming blog post....

Mom said...

What a great program - I'm glad you guys got to be a part of things. And what a great thing for these kids to participate in.

Deanne said...

I wish that when you say 'SD' that you really mean San Diego. *sigh* A girl can dream, can't she? :)

Amanda said...

Nice to hear from you again. The ROC sounds and looks really neat.

You can bring hoop dancing to South Dakota!!!!! :) I can see it now, for Enrichment Night Wendy teaching us to hoop dance!

So you aren't sure yet, but you might be coming to SD? We could help you find a house, on one has to be in our ward! ;)

Tucker and Kira said...

Wendy, how fun to see Maybeline and Marcus! ANd how very random! I met them both at Jon and Janene's a couple of times, very cute people!
Glad you're back!

txmommy said...

hey! you're back!
Fun dancing :)

Tori :) said...

I have a friend from when I went to Arizona for the summer who does hoop dancing. So cool!!