Thursday, May 21, 2009

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Tomorrow is May Day Celebration at our elementary school. In Hawaii, May Day is a chance to celebrate Hawaiian culture and tradition. A Hawaiian King and Queen are crowned, Princesses and Princes from each island come to court, and each grade level presents a Hula.

I blogged about our first May Day in Hawaii two years ago - May Day 2007. We had been in Hawaii for just a few months. Sydney was in 3rd grade and Emily was in Kindergarten. John wasn't in school yet. The girls had just started hula classes. I remember being curious about the 5th graders in the May Day court and thinking how cute the Queen was in her white dress.

Fast forward to today, Sydney is in 5th grade now, Emily is in 2nd grade and John is in Kindergarten and they will all be performing in tomorrow's May Day Celebration! What makes it even more special is that Sydney is queen for May Day! Congratulations Sydney!

We found a lovely white dress (with a little train) and she has been practicing her hula. Tomorrow is her big day!

In case you want to study up on what May Day celebrations are all about, here are a couple of examples of other schools' May Day Programs:

Priory May Day Court

Ka Beauté o Nu`uanu

To Do for tomorrow -

buy leis


(This is not May Day. This is from earlier this spring. Sydney wants me to tell you that is NOT her shirt. Just before the performance Sydney realized she didn't have her white t-shirt. It was too late to run home for it. Luckily, I was wearing a white undershirt. Sydney didn't think it was lucky, but it was better than the striped pink shirt she had on...don't forget white dress tomorrow...)


Hannah said...

woot! GO SYDNEY! i wish i could come. :]

Amber said...

How FUN. Your children's experiences in Hawaii are second-to-none!

Mary said...

All hail queen Syd! How cute!

We were just talking about you guys in Hawaii this morning and wishing we could figure out how to get over there another time before you move...wah.

nikko said...

So awesome. Congrats to Sydney!

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

Go SYDNEY!! Make sure to take lots of pictures.

Mom said...

I am sure that Syd will make a lovely queen! The dances she showed us when she was in Oregon were awesome! What dances are Emily and John doing? I wish I could be there to see them all!

Donna Boucher said...

Oh that is so funny about the white shirt!

Oh we're going to a Hukelau.
A hookie,hookie, hookie, hookie,

Have a great weekend!

Yes. I know I spelled it three different ways.
It is too hard to spell.