Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ROC - Remembering Our Culture

Maybelline and Co



Fan Dance

Abraham vs. Jefferson

Bravo! Hana Ho!

Uwe - Sound Man and hoop dancer extraordinaire

John and Jefferson

Hannah and Muchachos

ROC at home

Last week we had the chance to host some kids from the performing group ROC - Remembering our Culture. ROC is made up of students attending school in the Provo area. They are from South America, Asia, Polynesia, and all over the US. The group encourages the students to get an education as well as learn a little more about their culture. We were totally blown away by their show where they performed songs and dances from around the world.

The biggest surprise of the week is that we knew one of the perfomers, Maybelline! Hi Maybelline! We met her when she was in High School back when we lived in Texas. And there she was last week, riding along in our car, asking if we had ever lived in Abeline, TX.... small world....

The show was great, but having the group stay in our home was even more fun. They kept us up late, got up early, and ate all the food in our house (only joking), but we loved it! They felt like family!

We have more pictures of the show to post later* - hoop dancing and the Aztec dance and more....

*hopefully sooner rather than later. sorry poor neglected blog-o.


Mary said...

Yay for a post from Wendy! You are right, it's a good thing you took down the bunkbeds for that big guy who stayed with you :) Looks like you had so much fun!

tootie said...

How fun! The performances look awesome, and I love the costumes.

And how cool for reuniting with an old friend!

Deanne said...

Holy Moley a post from Wendy???!! Yay!!! Life gets busy and then we don't have time to blog. You've been missed, friend. :)

How fun to meet up with someone you knew in Texas! What a neat surprise!

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

ooo! I am so happy that you blogged! I love seeing pictures of your fam! Looks like a lot of fun! I love how huge those guys are next to your three tiny kids.

brandi said...

Wendy it is a really cute blog title! Love the decor. You'll have to update it more often I can see by your fans enthusiasm!!! Love the name of the last person who commented. Weren't we just talking about things you CANNOT get on the island? One of course being a GOOD soft cookie?!?!??!?!