Saturday, March 14, 2009

Has This Ever Happened to You?

I've been running in the dark lately. I just can't seem to catch a run in the day time, so I've been running early in the morning, or later in the evening. It is a peaceful time to run.

No army guys counting loudly ... 7 .... 8 ....9 .... one ZERO!

No troops taking over the sidewalks.

Just me and a few other people out walking or running or biking, too.

But something weird seems to happen each day.

The lights go out.

I'm just jogging along, thinking about my to do list or my shoes or singing along to Sydney's iPod, when all of the sudden a street light goes out. Bling. Right as I run under it. And it gets really dark. And then another street light goes out as I pass by.


It makes me wonder if Dumbledore is hanging around, with his put-outer.

Does that ever happen to you?


Elle Bee said...

Aren't you scared to run in the dark???? You are far braver than I. But I think it's great. My mom says I'm always allowing my fears to run my life. The light thing has never happened to me, but I say cool! If Dumbledore is anywhere near, then that means you might be close to meeting Hermione. I always thought it would be cool to meet Hermione.

tootie said...

Yes, it's happened to me before in the last place we lived. I'm not sure why it does that!

Mary said...

I have totally had this happen. I love the reference to Dumbledore :) I just wish you had your trusty dog with you on those dark runs, yikes!

orchard_girl said...

Out here there aren't any lights, or sidewalks for that matter. I too have been jogging in the early mornings. My head lamp kept flickering on and off the other day, walking was fine, but the jogging seemed to cause it to keep turning off.

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

I have had it happen to me in a parking lot I felt like was going to get attacked!
If Dumbledore is following you try and get a picture with him next time.

Anonymous said...

I would be to scared to run! That is just wierd.

Tucker and Kira said...

I love dark...anything. It's so much more peaceful. That's funy about the lights. I have thought the very same thing before. Some kind of freak you out sensor.

Amanda said...

I've had that happen when I drive by. It would be a little eerie if it happened while running by.

muse said...

I walk, not run, but I like the dark, since the sun slows me down. But I've never had the lights go out. It sounds like some spooky movie.

Carrot Jello said...

It never happens to me. Probably because I never run in the dark. In fact, I never run at all. Unless I'm being chased. Can't remember the last time that happened though.