Wednesday, November 01, 2006


ah, he, he, my pretty!


Happy Halloween!


Mary said...

So Cute! Did you make John's Air Force outfit? Em makes a pretty witch, I love the cat paws, and Hannah is hilarious. Was that box comfy?

Deanne said...

Very cute! But I also wanted to see a pic of you with your way-cool kitty hat! :( Next time?


wendy said...

Yep, I made John's flightsuit last year - I was so happy that it still fit him!

Hannah and her 2 best buds dressed up as Christmas presents. They planned this weeks ago and went shopping together for Christmas pants. They wore them to school yesterday - band class was a little tricky!

No Cool Story said...

Adorable :)
Little Air force guy it totally cute.
And I totally love he kitty.
They are al totally delightful.

Anonymous said...

How cute! Love the picture of John. Fun costumes, you need to move closer so we can raid your costume box!

Suzanne said...

What cute costumes! Your little boy is darling in his military attire! That was so cute to put the ribbon in your daughter's hair for the gift bow.

I hope you guys all had fun! :)

Amanda said...

So cute! I am glad blogger finally cooperated for you.
"band class was little tricky" LOL

Joyce McB said...

Wendy, I think your photos could take prizes somewhere, especially the ones of the individual kids. I love all the costumes - what cute ideas. Mom

texasblu said...

Oooooooooo! Very very VERY cute! And darling... and, and

well... I think they're just adorable! :)