Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I am steaming mad. Arg!

I just got off the phone with a punk named Marino at Qwest, our phone carrier, and was told that I am not authorized to disconnect our service because my name is not on the account. That really makes me mad. For one thing, I am the one who switched us over from a local company to Qwest. Really. I am the one who called this spring and made a change to our service. How can I not be on the account? They are happy enough each month to accept a check with MY signature.

What if Nathan was deployed to an undisclosed location right now and I wanted to change to a different phone company? Would I have to fax in my power of attorney to get a little respect? I am an invisible housewife. I need a life. I think I am going to have to get a job. Or a credit card in my name.

Stink. Chickens. Fudge.


Donna Boucher said...

This happens to us all the time!

It is so frustrating!!!

M said...

Dang! That is frustrating. I would have gotten all shakey.

You really should get a credit card in your own name, even if you don't use it. That way, you are establishing your own credit and you won't be "invisible."

(Mary = M)

Suzanne said...

I understand your pain! This has happened to me over and over. When I've tried to take care of things over the phone, even things I've done before, they said my hubby has to add me to the account and sometimes they still won't let me. I pay all the bills. I take care of everything when we move. It makes me feel under appreciated by society as a SAHM.

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman...

No Cool Story said...


Off with his head!

I'll ask the Mexican Mafia to have a little talk with this Qwest person.

So, did Ma-ri-no give you a solution?

wendy said...

Thanks for the commisseration (is that the word)

Mr. Marino told me that my hubby would need to call and ask them to add me to his account. So I told Mr. Marino that my man is away on military assignment. So Mr. Marino said I could fax them my power of attorney and then they would talk to me. But I don't actually have a power of attorney right now because my husband is going to be home manana.

What if Nathan was in Afganistan and I wanted to change phone numbers. Can you imagine him having to patch through a call to Qwest? Losers.

Nathan will have to call them tomorrow or next week. I was just trying to be all organized and take care of some little things. That's what I get.