Friday, November 17, 2006

1 down 2 to go and a ?

Our first shipment of stuff headed off today. This is a quick shipment of items that we can use to get us through until our big shipment of crap, er, I mean furniture and clothes and all the other stuff comes. I have had a really hard time knowing what to send. The base there allows you to check out necessities (beds, chairs, kitchen items, etc) until your household goods arrive, so what else do I really need?

I sent the kids' bikes, Nathan's scuba stuff, some toys and books, towels, kitchen items, and clothes. It took all of three boxes. I have a feeling we are under our 500 pound limit. The movers arrived at a quarter to 8 (while I was putting Emily's hair up in a ponytail) and finished up by 8am. Speedy!

Next up:
Book Club Meeting
then Luau
then Nathan comes home from Vegas
then Thanksgiving
then Talk in Church
then Packers #2 (big shipment)
then Hannah has a "rockin'" party
then Packers #3 (long term storage)
then we clean
then we mooch off of some friends
then off we go

I have a little question. On December 2nd, the day after all of our storage stuff is gone, our Squadron is having their annual Winter Formal. This year's event will be held at Mt Rushmore - they will light up the 4 big guys for us and it will be just beautiful. I love this kind of thing. The guys get to wear their Mess Dress Uniforms, the girls get all fancied up, and there is all kinds of protocol for what to wear and who sits by who and all that stuff. But Nathan does not really love this kind of thing. He says it's up to me if we go, but I know he really means: please don't make me do this.

So, should I make him get all duded up and take me out on the town? Or should I be practical and remember that we will be tired and grouchy and should just stay home? He'll be a good sport about it if I make him go, but it will also create a few problems for me: what do I wear, hair appointment, fingernail trama, etc.

Here is a picture from the last one we went to, 2 years ago. (scary arm) That dress is too big this year and I felt like it was not quite formal enough (Is it possible to find a fancy scmancy dress with sleeves if you don't live in Utah?) And doesn't Nathan look cute? He would get to add some ribbons to his manly chest this year.

So what do you think? I think I have to RSVP today.


Suzanne said...

That's a tough call...

Since your hubby is being flexible about it, it probably depends on what you want. If you know it will probably be more stress than not, I wouldn't do it. If you will feel sad missing out because you're moving away and you won't ever have another opportunity to do it, I'd say go for it.

What a great hubby you have to be so flexible even though it's something that isn't as exciting for him!

Maybe you could wear your hubby's uniform that you dolled up! ;)

Suzanne said...

P.S. I hope everything goes well with the packers. I'm sure things will get pretty stressful in the next few weeks.

Mary said...

I say go for it! It would be a fun night on the town before your big move, and a last hurrah with the Rapid City folk. What better place to party and say goodbye than at Mt. Rushmore? Plus, you could get a fun new dress! And Nathan surely looks dapper in his dress uniform. Come on, go to the dance for me since we don't get to go on dates much (new baby who doesn't take bottle), especially ones where you get to dress up!

Okay, if you don't go, that's fine, no pressure :) I can see that it falls in the busiest time of your life these days, so if it would only add stress, then you could sit it out.

I'm no help.

About the move - doing it in 3 phases sounds so complicated. Yikes.

Amanda said...

I tend to think it may be too much right before you leave, but that is just me. I am a party pooper that way. On the other hand I would love an opportunity to get all fancied up, sounds like fun. You can find a new fancy dress to go with your new skinny self.

Deanne said...

Well.....if your husband doesn't really want to go, and it is a event for his job then I'd lean toward not going. BUT, it would be a great opprotunity to show off to the other wives how hot you are! :) I don't's a tough call. Sorry, I'm probably no help.

CJ Fillmore said...

Hello Wendy!

I am CJ Fillmore and I found your blog entry on another blog of a homeschool mom in HI. We are also in HI (hubby is a Marine stationed at Cp. Smith) and live in Kailua. BTW--I just survived the Marine Corps Ball:))

I saw you were wondering about housing--will you live on base at Hickam? We bought a condo in Kailua in Aug 2006. The housing market has **really** slowed in the last year, so if you're looking to buy, you should have lots to choose from. Of course, we Marine wives are always intensely jealous of Air Force housing...

Feel free to contact me at 808-261-5915 or if you have any questions about HI. It's my 3rd! time here (I used to be in the Marine Corps, but I'm normal now:)) and I'd love to help you out in any way I can.

Hope to meet you someday--you sound like a real kick in the pants (i.e., you have a great sense of humor!)

God bless you and your family especially during your move:)
CJ Fillmore
PS: if you're into MOPS, there seems to be a really good one at Pearl Harbor (really close to Hickam)--haven't been able to make it yet...

wendy said...

You guys are no help. 2 no's 2 yes'. I have a feeling it will be just too much to do, though. Not so much the day, but the shopping for a dress, finding shoes and jewelry and all that jazz. (I mean, come on, I still haven't bought a new bra) So I'm thinkin' no, but I'll talk to Nathan tonight before it's too late.

CJ - my husband will be working with the Army at Wheeler Army Air Field, so we could live there or we could choose to live on Hickham. We don't know which is better, and we are also interested in renting or buying away from the base. We need to be there to really SEE our options. We have never lived off base since we started this whole military thang, and I find the idea of it exciting and scary.

Here's a burning question for you: Do you camp in Hawaii? We have quite a lot of camping supplies - will we use them there, or should we send them into storage with our snowboards?

No Cool Story said...

then Talk in Church, AHA! they do it all over I see, Church talks for the people moving.

OK, so I can't be the tie breaker.
ITA with Amanda, she basically used my speech.
But think of the cute pictures you'll have for later if you go...

Suzie Petunia said...

A man in uniform? Yowza! Make him go just so you can rip off his uniform at the end of the night.

wendy said...

Suzie, hmm, that could change his mind...

L said...

Hi Wendy,

Nice to see you! Just popping in to to say hello, thank you for dropping by, and wish you a smooth move. I'll be looking for tips. : )


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