Friday, November 10, 2006

This place is a dump. My husband has been gone for a week, and we have somehow managed to trash each and every room of our house. How did that happen?

It is time for a To Do list: (I love "to do" lists. Nathan thinks they are silly - he likes to add one item to the top of my list: "Make a list". He thinks that is so funny. He will even cross it off for me. Silly boy!)

Make a list
Move along the laundry
Take a nap
Make a mitten matching game for John
Pluck my eyebrows
Wash special-wash laundry
Straighten up the desk
Make a snow angel
Go Running (it snowed last night, I slept in, but the day is not over yet)
Fix dinner - ravioli? grilled chicken? nachos?
Play Hide and Seek


Deanne said...

my vote for dinner is the nachos! :) I love how you add 'take a nap' to your lists! Do you actually get that done as well as everything else? Way to go Super Mom!


Amanda said...

Sounds like a busy day! Enjoy your snow angel! In a few short minutes kids will be out of school and playing in the snow!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I love lists - I rarely follow through with them, though. That's a big problem. :) Now I like little ones that I know I can do.

Good for you - hope it all gets done!

wendy said...

Deanne - I take a nap almost every day. If I ever win a major award or make a great discovery, I plan to say that the secret to my success is an afternoon nap. But I didn't get one to day - waaaa!

Amanda - it turns out I am getting too old to make a snow angel - I made one, we all laughed, but it hurt a little to fall back like that!

Millie - There is something about putting my list online that makes me get it done - I don't want to be a b-liar!

And here's an update - it is 4:20pm - I will put a * by the jobs that I finished -

*Make a list
*Move along the laundry
Take a nap
*Make a mitten matching game *Pluck my eyebrows - ouch!
Wash special-wash laundry
*Straighten up the desk
*Make a snow angel
Go Running
Fix dinner - Nachos!
Play Hide and Seek

I think I am going to make nachos. And I'm not going to get my run in. I think I will count shovelling snow as today's workout!

Suzanne said...

Good for you on how much you got done on your list! Nachos sound yummy!

I didn't realize that your hubby was gone all week. Is it related to your move or is it for work? Gosh, I shouldn't be complaining in my blog. At least my hubby is sleeping next to me. You're always so positive!

I love naps too! :)

No Cool Story said...

Hey, my DH has been gone for a week, and guess what? I have not cooked one single meal, yay for me!, it has all been Chinese take-out, pizza and Mexican food of course.
I was also going to vote for nachos, for you see, great minds and short bloggers do think alike.

List are good (right now I only have one thing left on mine) too bad mine didn’t include running or a nap.

Anonymous said...

I love lists too! Yeah for you and yeah for getting a lot done today! Nachos sound good.

I seem to remember Nate telling mom to add "Make a list" to her list of things to do when he came to visit us in HR and we were painting the house or doing some other huge project. He's been doing that same joke for more than 10 years! Hahaha! Ah Neb, so funny.

wendy said...

Suzanne - He'll be gone until the day before Thanksgiving - he is living it up in Vegas - er - I mean - getting all trained for his new job in Hawaii. I don't really like to blog about him being gone 'cuz I don't want all those chainsaw carrying stalkers out there to know that I am solo.

NCS - I am totally poor (trying to make sure we can have a little vacation and Christmas when we move) this month so I have been trying really hard to not eat out every day. In fact Monday is the only day we ate out. Yeah me! Hip Hip Hurray for short lonely (for a bit) blog friends!

Mary - yep, I remember him adding it to Mom's lists, too. He has been making fun of my McBride list making tendencies for a LONG time. That's why I keep him around.

Deanne said...

I understand about being careful when Ryan is gone too. I don't advertise it, and sometimes I don't even mention it to others (outside my close knit circle). Sometimes I try to get those frozen crock pot meals when Ryan is gone. I don't enjoy cooking but don't want to eat out all the time, so it is a good compromise. Gotta love the crock pot! At times I try to make it fun for the kids when Ryan is gone. One time Mae and I got silly looking socks at Target and we had a 'silly sock day'. That was fun!

Take care while your man is away!


wendy said...

That double post was weird. Thanks for telling me, Deanne.