Friday, November 03, 2006

It turns out

I am a liar. The 'burb is just getting loaded up on a big truck and will then drive back across the country to California and ship out from there. Bummer. A float down the Mississippi sounded much more romantic!

You would think we could have driven the darn thing down to Denver, rather than 1000 miles East, just so that it can now go back those same 1000 miles on it's way to the coast. Crazy military rules.

It also turns out that I can pretty much count the miles I ran in the month of October on 2 hands. What happened to my 70 miles a month?

Here are some really good excuses: My most favorite watch died. I used that watch on each run to keep me in line and to help me know how much farther to go. And then it got cold. And school started. And it got dark in the mornings. And my running partner Sam, found a new home.

But: the time changed, so it is light earlier. And I didn't really like to run with Sam because he always had to poop, and then I would have to carry that steaming back of yuck all the way home. And I have good warm hats and stuff because it is cold here 9 months of the year. So no more excuses.

Hawaii is about a month away and I must look like a hottie on the beach. Oh, who am I kidding, running does nothing for the blinding whiteness of my skin. But I will feel better if I am a little less jiggly. And a good tan causes cancer.

So here's the plan:
1 month = 30 days - 4 Sundays = 26 days x 3 miles/day = 78 miles.

My running goal for the next month is 75 miles (that gives me one day off.) Anyone want to race?

(3 miles down, 72 to go)


Mary said...

Good goal wendy! I hvae only jogged once this week. 2 whole miles. But I've walked at least 6 miles. But there's still time to jog tomorrow :) My goal is to do 3 jogs a week, but more if it happens. My main excuse is it is so hard to do it with the 2 kids - so much work to get them bundled and in the stroller, which has to be hauled down a flight of steps and everything....... Lazy!

Hey, does the watch have a pedometer on it or somethign? How does it help you keep track of how far you are going? Oh, maybe are you just timing yourself? Looks very cute.

wendy said...

I'm just a slow jogger and do about a 10 minute mile. So if I want to go 4 miles, I run for 20 minutes up and 20 minutes back.

And if I go faster than a 10 minute mile, then that's okay, too!

Amanda said...

Sounds like a great goal! Do jog around your neighbohrhood or do you go on the cool Rapid City trails?

amerimeximadre said...

good for you! I love running too! thanks for visiting my blog

No Cool Story said...

Wow, I salute you Mrs. 75 Mile Runner. You go, I'll think about you from way over here.


texasblu said...

LOL... you are so funny. That's a great goal - I've got to set one too.. my sister is getting married at the end of Feb - and apparently I am DOOMED to wear her idea of fashion... sigh. Which means I better quickly loose ANOTHER 20 lbs!

Keep us posted on how you do... your an inspiration!