Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Name That Blog Contest

This family is getting a new home. So this blog needs a new name. And you are just the person to name it.

Here are the rules:
the name must embrace our new island home.
the name must not embarrass me or my mom.
the name should be catchy, but not too cheezy (a little cheese is okay)
5 word max (or close)
Enter as many times as you like.

The lucky winner will recieve this amazing prize:
one plastic authentic Hawaiian (made in China) lei, one small paper umbrella, one baggie of actual Hawaiian sand.

This can all be yours if your suggestion becomes the name of this blog. Please leave your ideas in the comment secion.

*** because of the move logistics it may be a while before I get another chance to blog. My goal is to blog one more time from a neighbor's house before we go.


Suzanne said...

Ooh...How fun! How about:

The Happy Hawaiian
Happy Hawaiian Home
Surf's up in Hawaii
Aloha from Hawaii
Only here when I'm not out surfing... (O.k. that's 7 words)

Maybe I'll think of more! :)

I would have tagged you for the Chrimstas Meme, but I didn't think you'd have time. Here is the link if you'd like to do it sometime in the future.

Good luck with your move! I'll miss your posts. :)

Deanne said...

question....what island will you be living on? That may be handy when thinking of blog names for ya! ;) (and I really want that baggie of sand!)

wendy said...

Suzanne - cute ideas! keep 'em coming

Deanne - good question! We will be on O'ahu, in Hawaii. It is the same island as Waikiki and Honolulu and Pearl Harbor and Lost.

a payne said...

Wendy's Big Island Adventure

Air Force Families Island Home

Wendy's Tiki Hut

Rapid Life's Island Upgrade

Coconut Bra's
Grass Skirts

Wendy's Hula Classes for Wayward Girls

Air Force Families Island Life

a payne said...

Air Force Wife = Island Life

M said...

I (Mary) stink at this. Can I vote instead? I'll wait.

My ideas:

LOST on Oahu
Hawaiian Life
Sandy Bungalow
Baggie of Sand
Flyin' Hawaiian
Palms, Coconuts and Beaches, Oh My!
B-family Bug-fest (there are bound to be lots of bugs there right?)
Mainlanders Take Oahu
Watch Out: Wendy's Surfing
Alo-blog-ha (Okay, I'm really out of ideas)

M said...

I'm totally going to go through Rapid Life withdrawals. I just tried calling you, where are you?

Suzanne said...

Oh I love Mary's "LOST on Oahu"! Maybe you'll catch a glimse of Matthew Fox when you get down there! :)

Donna Boucher said...

Stranger in Paradise
Everybody loves a Hukelau

I love this in some form

Coconut Bra's
Grass Skirts

Aloha state of mind
Life in Paradise

Deanne said...

Ok, here's my first installment of ideas:

Island Transplant
Hawaiian Household
Barrett 95355 (insert your zip code)
Prevailing in Paradise
Life on the Beach
Land of Leis
It's a Paradise Life
Livin' la Vida 'loha
Whoo-hoo O'ahu
Coconut Casa
Hawaiian Habitation (or Habitat)
or Honolulu Habitation

No Cool Story said...

I wish I was clever or something.
A Payne and M's are good.
Please don't laugh at mine ok?
-Wendy Rocks the Big Island
That's all I have. I'm lame.

On the other hand, I like:
-Wendy's Tiki Hut
-Coconut Bras and Grass Skirts optional
-LOST in Oahu


Deanne said...

How about....

Luau Living
Holed up in Hawaii
S.O.S (Surviving On Sunshine)

Deanne said...

One more......

Island Life

Anonymous said...

Fun fun!
How about:
Sand in my shorts
Tiny Seashells
The McBarrett's Excellent Adventure
Hawaii 50 Barrett style

Lame-o sorry, not too coolio at it

muse said...

Oy, I'll have to change the blogroll!

Alo haha!
Pass the sun screen!
Where's the snow?

Friends of mine are off the Korea for two years! They were there when the kids were young, and now the nest is empty.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Mele Kalikimaka :) But that would only work for this month.

Leprosy-Free in Oahu (sorry)

"Oahu." "Bless You." (cuz it sounds like a sneeze noise)

Greetings From Oahu... Wish You Were Here

I'm in Oahu and You're Not.

a payne said...

Okay, think harder everyone. There are too many references about Hawaii and not enough to the fact that this is Wendy's blog.

I think whatever she decides, it has to indicate that it's her blog. See where I am going with this?

Airforce Wife's Hawaiian Life

Wendy's Waikiki World

Wendy's Wacky Waikiki World

Wendy's Wonderful Waikiki World

What Wendy Wants

Amanda said...

I thought I commented here already, but apparantly I didn't or it got lost or something. I love everybody's ideas. Mine are lame too, but:
Life in Paradise
Ooh la la Hawaii
My other car is a surfboard
I'd rather be surfing
Gone surfing
Surf's up
(or maybe these should be for Hannah since she seems totally excited to be a surfing babe)
Beach Life (you know instead of Rapid Life)
Beach Time

No Cool Story said...

Leprosy-Free in Oahu, you SO bad Miss Millie :D

I got more plastic-lei non-winning entries:

Wendy's Pineapple Bus O'Fun (see? FUN!)
Wendy's Coconut Island Retreat
Wendy's Coconut Haystack
From Freezing to Breezing
Mahalo From Wendy's Paradise

I get all my inspiration from A Payne, she's so inspiring in so many different ways.

wendy said...

You guys are cracking me up! Look at all my comments - I should move to Hawaii more often!

The winner, and the new blog name will be revealed from the beach later this week) Sorry for the delay, but it is going to be tough to decide.

Don't be afraid to leave another idea!

No Cool Story said...

Christmas Trees In Hawaii
Wendy's Pineapple Hut
Big Coconut Life

Amanda said...

Wendy's paradise life
Wendy's Beach adventures
Oh and one that Scott thought of, I almost forgot.
Grin and Bear it (or Barrett)

No Cool Story said...

Wendy's PiƱa Colada Adventure

PS. Tabs error, sorry

Deanne said...

Wendy, will you be starting a new blog or just changing the name of your current blog.

Oh man, I don't think I can wait til later in the week! I'm with Mary, I'm going to go through 'Rapid Life' blog withdraws!!! I'm gonna get lonely.

Deanne said...

Here's a few more....

Just Beachy
On the Beach
From the Beach

I'm runnin' out of ideas and I really want the baggies of sand! Maybe there can be a runner-up, you know, like a consolations prize or something?! :)

Deanne said...

Little Island Home

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Wendy Went To Hawaii
What On Earth Is Wendy's Blog Doing In Hawaii? ;)
Wendy's Hawaiian Punch

Deanne said...

flip flop family

No Cool Story said...

Wendy's Surf
Wendy's Hang Ten Island

Hey Wendy, there are almost 100 of these, how are you choosing which one wins? when are you coming back? how's the weather in paradise? do you miss us? are there Targets in Hawaii? wal-mart? when can I come over? can I bring my dog? do you eat pineapple everyday? how about macadamia nuts? have you seen a dolphin? have you surfed yet? have you bought a surf board? are you tanned yet? did any of my entries make you laugh? will you answer every single one of my questions?