Friday, November 24, 2006


Today I am thankful for packers. And tape. And cardboard.

I am thankful for leftover rolls.

I am thankful for a blue sky and bubbles and sidewalk chalk.

I am thankful for good friends who are willing to loan us a car, feed us, and take our junk. (I wonder if they will mind if I blog over there next week?)

I need a nap.


Deanne said...

I totally agree.....packers and movers awesome!!! It's the only way to move! :)

a payne said...

Can we have a contest to come up with your new Hawaiian themed blog name?

wendy said...

Blog Name Contest. Great idea!

M said...

Those are great friends to help you out so much! You only have a few days left there, are you ready to go?

I like the blog name contest too. I'll have to put on my thinking cap