Monday, November 06, 2006

Flat Tire

Got a nail in your tire? It is a bad idea to keep driving on a tire with a nail, because eventually it will become a flat tire - either as a slow leak or in a more impressive blow out. I have only had one flat car tire - in the brown van. But my jogging stroller always needs a tire patched. Just today, as I was jogging with John, I noticed that the stoller seemed to be pulling and not rolling as easily as it should. I was not suprised that it had a flat.

I learned just how quickly a tire can go flat one afternoon in 6th grade. My 6th grade class had walked in to Mr. Jackson's 6th grade class to watch a movie. I ended up sitting in the back of Mr.Jackson's classroom, near the brown, fake-wood cupboards that divided the classrooms in our "pod".

A kid in a wheelchair was sitting right in front of me. He was a nice kid. He once had his birthday party at Roller King and I got to go - muy cool. He had a super fancy wheelchair with electric controls and big tires. I doubt I could see the movie very well from the back of the room, but I could see those tires. They were a little dirty, and I thought I would help by picking out some rocks that were caught in the tread.

Then I noticed a rose thorn in the tire. Hmmm. That can't be good, I thought. So I used my fingernails to pull it out. I just wanted to help. I had to push it back and forth to get that thorn to budge. It was stuck quite deep in the rubber of the tire. But I did it.

And as soon as I did, I knew I had made a big mistake. I didn't know what to do. I watched that tire go flat. It happened so fast! And I didn't say a word. When the lights were turned back on, I stood up with the rest of my class and headed back to our classroom. I did not look at the tire, and I put the thorn in my pocket.

The boy in the wheelchair didn't notice the problem until he started to back up and turn around. By then I was nearly to the corner, but I watched him call our teacher over, and I watched our teacher go to the phone to get a janitor to come help. And I remember that the wheelchair boy missed recess. And it was all my fault. But I still didn't say anything.

I think I was cursed that day, for giving a poor handicapped kid a flat tire. I notice that I have bad luck with thorns and my jogging stroller. It always has a flat tire. I have slime in my tires, and I keep the bike pump in the storage pocket, just in case. Each time I use the stroller, it never fails that I have to pump up a tire. I figure that's the least I deserve.


Anonymous said...

Wendy, that was so funny. Poor kid, you were such a good little amigo. My little car has a magnatic pull towards all nails. I have had so many flat tires, but only 2 blow outs-scary! Thank goodness for Les Schwab! My bike trailer and jogging stroller are always flat, and I shouldn't be cursed like you! You didn't cause our entire family to be cursed did you?

Anonymous said...

Great story! Just the other day we ran over a screw with our car and it lodged itself into the tire, but we heard it right away and got it fixed. My jogging strollers haven't had flats, but they are often a little low on air.

Poor kid with the flat tire! I think it is interesting that you didn't say anything about the tire. It's funny how as kids and even adults we don't claim responsibility when it could be so easy and probably painless.

Suzanne said...

Just remember it was the thorn that made the tire go flat, not you! :) The tire on our bike trailer always goes flat too!

Suzanne said...

P.S. I have the "My favorites" meme up on my sight now! :)

Amanda said...

That is so sad, and a little funny! Like Suzanne said, it wasn't your fault. How were you to know.

Sorry about your flat tire on your jogging stroller.

Erin McBride said...

O man Karama sucks! haha! (i don't know if thats how you spell karma, i think there is an H in there) I felt bad for laughing at the story, i kinda felt like i was laughing at the handicapped kid. o poor kid! haha! Love you Wendy, you are a crack up!

texasblu said...

Sweet childhood regrets...

sorry about all the flat tires! My strollers stay aired up, but my children's bikes are another story.