Saturday, November 04, 2006

Bike Ride Countdown

10 Wheels on our bikes (and one scooter)
9 Mallard Ducks in the river
8 Chicken Nuggets
7 Chain fixes (John needs a new bike and I mean it!)
6 Potty Breaks
5 Leaves racing under the bridge
4 Close calls with dog walkers or bike riders
3 Tunnels
2 Bridges
1 Spectacular Crash
0 Pictures

What a beautiful day. After a week of cold overcast days, today's sunshine called us outside. We loaded up 3 bikes and 1 scooter in our borrowed car and headed off to my favorite city bike trail. This time we started at these big cement fish sculptures, and followed the river over bridges and under train tressles and roads, all the way to the golden arches for lunch.

The hill was steep up to Micky-D's and on the way down, John forgot how to use his breaks. He went down the hill, across the path, over the grass, and crashed in the cat tails. He was fine, and didn't even cry, but the chain fell off his bike (for the 3rd time.) Thank goodness the river was a little farther away at that point in the trail!

We passed and were passed by so many people out enjoying the day: several families, one bicycle built for two, one crazy lay-back bike, lots of runners and bikers and walkers and watchers. I was the only scooter-er out there. I have a feeling my Razor Scooter is not as cool as it once was. Doh!

p.s. 4 miles today (not counting the scootering, although I think my buns-ies are going to be sore) 68 miles to go.


Mary said...

I love imagining you zooming around, keeping up with your kids on a razor scooter! That should definitely count as exercise! What a fun bikeride.

No Cool Story said...

Those crazy lay-back bikes look cool.

Good there was only one spectacular bike crash.

You inspire us all, have a great weekend :)

txmommy said...

sounds so nice!!

Donna Boucher said...

I looked for that red suburban to no avail :o)