Saturday, November 18, 2006

Book Club

This month's book was Persuasion by Jane Austen. It is a book that I read long ago in our little apartment in Modesto. Reading it again really made me nostalgic for that magical time of new marriage, and new baby.

I love that this book is mostly about every day life. The little things that make a life. There were a couple little scenes that stood out to me.

The first is when Anne is staying at her sister Mary's house, helping take care of Mary's little boy who was hurt in a fall. One day Anne had knelt by the couch taking care of him, when his 2 year old brother came in and "he began to fasten himself upon her, in such a way that, busy as she was about Charles, she could not shake him off. She spoke to him - ordered, intreated, and insisted in vain." Capt. Wentworth and Mary's cousin-in-law were also in the room with Anne. The cousin was no help, and I'm sure Anne was embarrassed and feeling awkward. But then Capt. Wentworth removes the little guy from around her neck. It left Anne speachless. Such a sweet little picture.

Last Sunday I was putting some things away in my church bag when John came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my neck. He threw me off balance and it made me think of Anne.

I also like the Christmas scene at the Musgrove's home. The children are home from school and the home is full of noise and action. "Anne, judging from her own temperament, would have deemed such a domestic hurricane a bad restorative of the nerves,...but Mrs. Musgrove (said) that after all she had been through, nothing was so likely to do her good as a little quiet cheefulness at home."

Domestic Hurricane. Hmmmm. Sounds familiar...

One last thought: Capt. Wentworth found that his friends thought he was engaged to Louisa. And though he did not love her, he realized that she might think they were engaged, too. He later told Anne "I was hers in honour if she wished it." He had gone on a couple of walks with Louisa, and that was enough for them to be considered an "item". Isn't that crazy? When I had just finished reading the book, I caught a bit of a TV show. The guy on the show was trying to get back together with the girl, and she said something along the lines of "it's not like you owe me anything, we just slept together once, it's not a relationship or anything." Where is that honor today?

I had fun hosting our book club, and it was a relief that there were two other girls there besides Amanda and me. Good conversation, and good eats. I'm going to miss Amanda and her book talk.

Next up for our book club is Little Women. I think I will pack it in my carry on. Books are still ok, right?


Deanne said...

Ah, Persuasion! I have not read the book but I love the movie (but I suppose the book is better, they always are!). I have yet to read a Jane Austen book, I think it's about time.

Yes, books are ok on planes, but you'd think you have to go pretty much empty handed these days. :)

Enjoy your last days with your good South Dakota friends!

Anonymous said...

I haven't read that one yet, it wasn't in the huge book of Jane Austen I checked out last year. I'll have to look for it at the Library next time we go.

Domestic Hurricane-ha!

a payne said...

I love Jane Austen. We read Pride a Prejudice a couple months ago in our book club.

I have tentatively picked One Thousand White Women: The Journals of Mary Dodd by Jim Fergus for our January book club.

a payne said...

Holy Hannah! I just noticed it is on your reading log. How did you like it?

wendy said...

a payne - I thought maybe that's why you mentioned your choice for Jan! I ejoyed 1000 White Women, it was fun because parts of the story were around the Black Hills, but I should mention that if this is a church book club, you will want to read it before you decide. There is at least one "adult" scene. I would be embarrassed to discuss it with my mom!

Amanda said...

Hi Wendy! Thanks for hosting book club at your house this month. We will miss you sooooo much when you leave.

I really enjoyed this book. It was my first Jane Austen book, but will not be my last.

Suzanne said...

I've read Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility, but I haven't read Persuasion yet. I've heard it's really good. I'll have to checke it out! :)

a payne said...
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a payne said...

Thanks for the heads up on the adult content of the book. Although our book club is technically an Enrichment thing, we decided early on not to put the ixnay on iteraturelay because it might not all be PG 13. Bringing a racey book to book club would be one of the very least of my sins! (LOL at myself!)

a payne said...

Oh my! I finally got to the adult content part you were refering to. I think it is more tasteful than a Harlequin, but there is no mincing what is happening there. I can handle the flushed cheeks, but I don't know if my reputation can handle the scandal.
Hhmm. I can look past it and appreciate the writing and themes, but I don't know if everyone in my group can. Wish me luck.

wendy said...

If you can get past the s*x it is an interesting look at indian/white relations. I feel a lot of compassion for the indians here in SD. I wish I could go back in time and make things right for them. I think the book could bring up some good discussions... maybe just avoid a drum circle!