Monday, November 27, 2006


I am sneaking in a blog post at the library while the girls are at their last piano lesson. I feel like I am in the middle of a Disney Channel teen show. There is a middle school one block from the library, which turns the youth section into a big acterschool day-care program for big kids. They are loud and rude and use bad words. The poor librarians are always barking out things like: walk, walk in the library, find a place to sit down, careful, etc.

Our computer is all boxed up, along with the rest of our household goods. Tomorrow everything will be stowed in big wooden crates in preparation for their voyage across the sea.

The movers have been great - very clean and professional. One of the packers is an older woman named Joyce who reminds me of my Grandma Faye a couple of years ago. She just bustles along, and has steadily packed up the entire living room, kitchen, and upstairs bedrooms.

With her putting in a full day's work, I have felt a bit guilty just sitting around like a lump. So today I baked chocolate chip cookies, vacuumed the couches and the rugs, wiped down all the dining room chairs, and cleaned the blinds in the kitchen area.

Last week I was feeling such stress about getting everything all sorted out, but now I am calm and cool. We have our bags packed, a guide book to the islands, and our plane tickets to Hawaii. But, it all still seems a little fuzzy.


M said...

Poor librarians! I'm glad you have been able to sneak in a blog post. I hope we don't have to go too long between your posts while you get moved. Good luck with everything!

No Cool Story said...

Aw Wendy, have a good house-in-a-crate day. I can't imagine moving across the sea.
Chocolate chip cookies are always good.

Stinking teens ;-) kind or remins me of “Get off my lawn!”.

Amanda said...

How was your talk on Sunday? Sorry we missed it! I can't believe you are actually moving. Waaaaaa! I had a dream about you last night. Weird. I don't remember the dream, just that I dreamed about you.

Suzanne said...

Such dedication to keep posting during the last moments before your move!

How did your talk on Sunday go?
What day are you moving?
Are you totally stressed out?
How did your cookies turn out?
Is it unnerving to have someone else pack your things?
Are you tired of my questions yet? ;)

Be sure to let us know when you change the title of your blog! :)

M said...

Suzanne, having someone else pack for you is heaven. They are so fast and efficient and use way better packing materials than we ever did on our own. We haven't done a military move, but have done a government one and it was the easiest of all our moves.

Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage!

Love to all,

wendy said...

My talk was brilliant (of course! just kidding, but I didn't notice anyone sleeping, so it must have been okay.

We check out of our house on Monday, and our airplane takes off on Tuesday at 6am.

The movers are a dream come true. They just walk in with boxes of all sizes and rolls of paper and tape and start in one room and box it all up. They do not think too much or try to organize or worry about anything, they just get it done. It is not unnerving, but you have to watch and make sure they don't take off with your power hand tools.

Our house is nearly empty - we are camping out with our yucky blankets and flat pillows that will be donated before we take off.

That's all.