Friday, July 06, 2007

31 reasons to wish me a happy birthday:

It's my birthday! I'm getting old. And although, you should never ask a lady her age, I'll give you 31 reasons to wish me a happy birthday:

1 - I have great lips.
2 - I have green eyes.
4 - I like to run
5 - I live in Hawaii
6 - I don't know how to surf
7 - I'll be attempting to surf again this afternoon.
8 - I have 4 totally radical kids
9 - I share my birthday with another famous W (Happy Birthday Mr. President)
10 - I look marvelous in a flight suit
11 - I have 6 sisters
12 - I am a weird-o
13 - I have toilet-papered my own house. More than once.
14 - I love LOST
15 - I am afraid of spiders
16 - I am for scuba
17 - I brushed against a Honu (green sea turtle) while diving last night
18 - I don't want to get eaten by a shark
19 - But I will trade you a shark towel
20 - I sweat
21 - I like sending and recieving letters
22 - I have a pineapple growing in my garden
23 - I like a guy who knows how to keep his shirt on
24 - I run a mean washing machine
25 - I wish I could dance
26 - I like to kiss my man
27 - I have a double chin
28 - and a unibrow.
29 - I worry about Iraq.
30 - Are you still reading?
31 - If you don't wish me a happy birthday, why I'll .*.%.#.@...

While I'm blowing out all those candles on my cake,
I'll be wishing for 31 comments from you!


Amanda said...

Let me be the first to wish you....


You are 31 years young! I love your 31 reasons to wish you a happy birthday. Good luck with surfing today. We went swimming computer says it is 101 degrees. At least we don't live in Phoenix!

Ev said...

Happy Birthday from MeShell B. (who just happened to stop over for lunch)and I and from Xochitl-n-Rach too. 31? were I not so old, I wouldn't believe it. Congrats Wen!

Anna said...

Happy Birthday Wendy. You are a wonderful big sister!!

Donna Boucher said...

Happy Birthday, O young one!!!!
Thirty one.
Are you pulling my leg???

Have the best birthday ever.

Love and birthday kisses!

Elizabeth-W said...

Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your special day! :D

Tori :) said...

Do you want ME to actually leave 31 comments or...???


Anne/kq said...

Happy birthday! And many more!

Deanne said...

Here, I'll do my part and add a comment! Here's wishing you a super great happy birthday (and I hope you get 31 comments!) Why 31? I wonder.....

No Cool Story said...

Did you blow out all the candles on your cupcake?

22 - I have a pineapple growing in my garden. Just for that one I wish you a super duper birthday twice.
Nay, 31 times.

No Cool Story said...

And I ♥ Wendy

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Happy Birthday! You are awesome!

Mary said...


Mary said...


Mary said...


Mary said...


Mary said...

What a great list!

I'm a little surprised you didn't mention how you can suction your lip up to your nose. Now that's something to be proud of!

Mary said...

Just trying to get your comments a bit closer to 31.

Maybe you should make a pineapple upside down cake with your own pineapple!

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday, Wendy! You are so fun! :D

Terina said...

sigh, i have nothing to trade for a shark towel....
happy birthday anyway!!

Donna Boucher said...

Are you having fun???

Have you seen Ben and Jen surfing?

wendy said...

You guys are so sweet! I am at 20 comments! Not bad!

By the way, NCS - thanks for the beautiful birthday cupcake! delish!

No star surfing sightings, but I did feel something really yucky under the water....

happy birthday to la la!

txmommy said...

Happy Happy Birthday Wendy Dear, Happy days will come to you all year. If I had one wish, then it would be, a Happy Happy Birthday to you from me!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day Wendaroni!


Butterfly Wife said...

late to the game as usual! hapy Birthday!

orchard_girl said...

Are you still celebrating today? Hope you got to make out with Nate.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Happy Birthday to you! Hope it was wonderful and your cake tasted marvelous!!

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!

nice comment, auntie heather. it brings back bad memories...

just kidding. =]!

Mary said...

Heather, did you say make out? Wowee, what kind of blog is this?

Steph said...

Hi Wendy!
This is Mary's roommate...I read your blog all the time and love it. You are a great blogger.
I am trying to get you to those 31 comments so I will leave a few. ;)

Happy Birthday!


Steph said...

I totally crave pineapple (fresh) this pregnancy. So I am jealous of your garden!!

Happy Birthday to you... a little late.

Steph said...

WAHOOO 31 comments!!

I also wanted to say I love your "return to sender" entries.

You are funny.

Steph again